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Bag - Hogan
Snake Ring - Pamela Love 

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November 27, 2013

Song of the day: Happily - One Direction (altered the lyrics from *his to *her because it was more fitting lol)

Okay this is probably my favorite song on the album. Actually, upon listening to the album a second time (and actually paying attention this time), I realized I liked a lot more songs than I initially thought. This one, Don't Forget Where You Belong, Through the Dark, and Half A Heart are probably among my favorites. 

Also, the boys literally started their tour announcement video like, "This is going to be our biggest tour in North America..." and yet, there was not a SINGLE date in New York. Like, what?! Sigh. The good (or bad) thing is that I'll be heading to college around that time anyway, so I won't be tempted to blow yet more money on 1D concert tickets since I wouldn't be able to go. Lol.


This set is so very... rock and roll? Lol idk but -- from the fur to the tank to the leopard-print shoes, it just feels that way to me... And whoops! I thought that snake ring was a bracelet. Lol. Oh well. It's cute either way. 

I was supposed to watch Catching Fire today, but my friend just, like, forgot or something? Haha yeah... idk what happened to those plans. Maybe next weekend. I heard it was better than the first, so I'm pretty dang psyched. Also, has anyone seen The Book Thief? I want to watch that too, but I didn't hear anything about whether it was any good. 

One of my friends is in Paris right now, and I'm quite jelly. Oh, Paris. Tu me manques. 

Who's excited for Thanksgiving?! What are you guys doing? Thanksgiving's never really been a huge deal in my household because most of our family is in the Philippines. And I'm not actually a huge fan of turkey. But we already bought our apple and pecan pies, so I'm excited for those :)

I very badly want to go shopping on Black Friday lol but, as always, I'm somewhat broke. I seriously need to get a job after I finish applying to college. 

By the way, it's kind of a really scary thought that in two weeks, my entire fate could be decided. Eeek! 

Alright. I should probably be doing something at least mildly productive right now, sooo I'll catch up with you guys later!


p.s. I just wanted to say a belated happy birthday to @bittersweet89 and @are-you-with-me! You guys are incredible Polyfriends and talented set-makers, and I'm so glad to have you as part of this amazing community! Hope you both had the bestest day ever! xoxo

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