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Day 11 – Your siblings, in great detail
• Name, age, physical description, earliest memory of them, their personality, do you guys get along, what do you fight about, what do you have in common

I have one sister, Jordan, who is four years younger than me. When we were kids, we were absolutely inseparable. We played together, slept together, reaped havoc together; we were monsters, honestly. I can only imagine how many headaches we must have given my parents. I eventually cleaned up my act and started acting like a normal child. Jordan did not. She got worse, but my parents ignored it most of the time.

We rarely speak, except for family occasions when we’re forced to interact. Beyond that, we might as well be complete strangers. She lives her life and I live mine. From to time to time, I think back on our old memories and I miss how close we used to be; however, neither one of us are anything like the girls we once were.

As much as I dislike her, I have got to hand it to Jordan, she’s an amazing musician. She is a child prodigy, who has been playing music longer than Valentino has been roasted-turkey orange. Although her primary musical education lies in classical music, she leans more towards rock music nowadays. Jordan is the lead singer of an indie rock band called The Wildlings. They have actually become quite popular in the underground scene. My best friend, Dylan, has seen them play a few times. Apparently, they’re really good. Jordan invites me to all of her gigs, but I never go. I know that sounds horrible but I grew up around Jordan-fest, and had to do everything I could to claw my way out from under Jordan’s shadow. I’m not about to volunteer my Friday night to re-enter it.

Day 12 – Your routines, in great detail

• What is something that you do daily, weekly, monthly, yearly; without fail, why do you do them

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