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~What You Know, Two Door Cinema Club (I think these lyrics are perfect for Jazmine since she obviously doesn't want to be alone haha, I love when the lyrics actually make sense with the character/stories,etc)

I'M TURNING FIFTEEN in only 11 days!


***Jaz is like the girl you hate to love. She's mean to people but you just can't bring yourself to be mean back to her or take her seriously when she's rude. She puts people down so she can feel better, but in reality, it's only a phase.****

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Wednesday 7th: On the bright side, the wait is over! The construction is finally done and the Waldorf-Astoria spa is remodeled and improved. Lucky for the employees, you get to test it out for a few days before it's officially open to the public!

"Aahhh," I relaxed into a comfortable position on one of the comfiest massage chair I'd ever sat on. I watched everyone else. I saw one of the masseuses walk over to Charlotte. Why was she here? Like she had any stress. 

Minutes ago, I had a hot stone massage. It felt amazing. Did it release any of my tension? Probably not. Did it at least let me forget about certain things? Yes. 

I was appreciative to have the day off to "test out" the new spa. It was perfect, beyond what anyone at the Waldorf expected. The original spa was spectacular in itself, but this new one, it was almost incomparable. The Waldorf never fails to impress.

As I was soaking in the surroundings, I noticed Margot by the entrance. She and her boyfriend were doing what they were infamous for doing: cuddling and kissing as always. They weren't the Inseparable Couple, but when they were together, they seemed like it. I wasn't annoyed by their public displays of exaggerated affection anymore. I saw something off about the two...Margot didn't seem as into him as he seemed. 

I kept that thought to myself. 

Margot whispered something to him and then he left. She came by and grabbed a chair right next to me. "Sorry about that, Jaz." she said with concern.

"About what?" I asked in shock. 

Margot sighed and then beckoned to the entrance of the spa. "I know you saw us. I keep telling Drew to keep the kisses to a minimum...but.." she stared dreamily at the beautiful flowing fountain of water that was in the middle of the spa. "You've seen him, right? He's so hard to resist." she said the last sentence with a forced laugh. 

I could tell something else was going but I dismissed it. I began studying my nails, hoping she'd get the clue and quit the chitchat.

"Weren't you bothered by that?" she asked, playing with her hair. 

I looked at her. "Why would I be?" I noticed the defense in my voice.

She leaned in closer to me. Lowering her voice, she said, "It's because I've heard things."

"What things?" I was beginning to get frustrated. Everything thing I had said to her so far was a question.

Margot looked worried for a second. "Like, there's been talk." she flattened her skirt and fidgeted for a while. "Basically, I've heard that you were divorced or something. And now you're like anti-men. Right?"

I closed my eyes and reminded myself to keep my cool. How did Margot know? I haven't told anyone but Tilly the entire truth. The rest of the employees here just know that I'm single and that I've been through a really bad "break up". But nobody knows about the divorce except for Tilly. And Tilly told me she wouldn't tell. She keeps her word.

"Sorry, am I intruding? Ugh, I don't mean to. You just look out of it most of the time." 

Suddenly, I said, "No, it doesn't matter." I figured if she knew about it, almost everyone else would know about it too. There was no use in trying to hide it anymore. "But let me tell you one thing . . ."

Margot eyes widened in eagerness. 

I sighed. "I'm not /anti-men/."

She nodded and leaned back in her seat. "Good, because otherwise, you and me wouldn't get along very well." she giggled, "So, how long ago did it all happen? You're twenty, right? That's really young. Most people aren't even in serious relationships by then. How'd it happen? I bet he was a real jerk."

"I'm sorry, but I don't like being interrogated. I don't need to tell you anything." I said angrily. I couldn't believe her! I told her one thing and now she thinks we're best friends? 

She bit her lip. "I didn't mean it like that!" Once she realized that I was over this conversation, she stopped talking to me and called for a masseuse.

I spent the rest of the day lounging at the spa, not talking to anyone. I'd already made the mistake of talking to Margot.

xx Jaz

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