Name: Keegan Talley 
Age: 22
Year: Senior
School: Columbia University 
Major: Political Science 
Hometown: Washington D.C. 
Style: Blazers, oxfords, classic red lipstick 
Biography: Keegan is an old soul who loves reading vintage books and watching black and white movies. Most importantly, she is passionate about nearly any cause she takes up, whether it be animal rights, child abuse or welfare, Keegan is educated on everything. She's very outspoken, and if you don't agree with her, be prepared to be argued down.
 Model: Andie Arthur

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I close the old apartment's door behindme and skip down the few steps to the street, turning left and heading striding away, my head already planning, in such a way that when Madison pounces upon me, she catches me by surprise and I give a little start.

"Afternoon Keegan!" Madison beams, smiling at my little reaction. "Lovely day, isn't it?" Madison was a somewhat childish girl who made you think of sunshine, she had a way of drawing out the last syllable of her sentances, ending them in a little high note that seemed like a hiccup if you weren't accustomed to it. We only knew each other because she'd once spoken to me at the school, and since believed us to be friends--I didn't mind though, she tended to bring a smile to your face.

"Madison," I sigh, recovering and falling into step with her. "Yeah, I guess so." I add, though I hadn't taken much notice of the weather at all. "Heading to the school too, huh?" I ask her.

Madison nodded enthusiastically. "Of course." She says, "My! Do you know what happened to me this morning? It was rather unusual..." She plunges into a coversation about rabbits and taxi drivers, but soon cuts herself off. "Ow!" She says, looking at th messenger bag swinging at my hip, and rubbing her side. "What's in that?" She demands.

I shrugged. "What Katy Did, Little Women, I Capture The Castle, and A Brief History of Montmaray. For the kids. Riley seems to like What Katy Did very much, I think she relates to it. And, I guess I thought the rest of them might have an interest in the others. Ever since I read them that little exert from Alice's Adventures In Wonderland, they've been asking for me to read something out to them everytime I go to their place. I should of known better with kids..." I sigh.

Madison smiles. "Still not liking the kids?"

"Hey, easy for you to say! The only one's you have to sit are related to you." I point.

Madison shrugs. "Still, kid are kids. I think they're all gorgeous. Especially the DuPont's children. You're so lucky to have them."

"There's five of them!" I said, exasperated.

"So?" Madison counters.

"So, it's not possible for a college sudent to keep track of five children. Three, maybe. But certainly not five! The ratio is completely unbalanced. And, when you add little Jeremy to the equation..."

"Jeremy's the best of the lot of them!" Madison said, playing with her blonde hair.

"He's the embodiment of the Devil!" I argued.

"Just learn to like him, and he'll like you too." Madison said.

"Yeah, sure." I sighed, blowing a loose strand of hair out of my face as we came upon the school Madison's younger siblings attended along with the DuPont children.
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