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i’ve got a storyline done for ella, but I’m going to write it out so i can see where I can fit everyone in and then i’ll be pming you guys for major collabs – especially @luxecouture @alycat and @vicks.
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Ella Delaney
CDAN – July 25, 2012

The morning of my trip to Kansas had me filled with an excitement I hadn’t felt in a while. Laura was my only friend from high school who I still kept in constant, almost daily, contact with. She was more like the sister I never had but always wanted.

In fact she was the only family, besides my mother, who was at my million dollar nuptials. Sure, I had the girls there but four years go we weren’t as close as we are now.

After packing yet another mini dress, I heard Teddy sigh behind me.

“Anything I can help you with Theodore?” I asked, not bothering to look away from my packing.

“As a matter of fact,” He replied cheekily, moving directly in front of me so I had no choice but to look at him. “I was just wondering if you were going to wear actual clothes on this trip, because all I see you packing are barely there scraps of fabric masquerading as dresses.”

I rolled my eyes, already feeling myself getting annoyed.

“Theodore don’t be dumb, it’s in the triple digits out there, I mean today alone is going to be close to 110, what the hell else am I supposed to wear?”

“Oh I don’t know, maybe something that actually covers you’re a-ss?” 

“Bite me Theo; I’ll wear as little as I want damnit!”

Slamming the top of the suitcase shut, I grabbed my bag and headed towards downstairs.

“Have a safe flight Mrs. Delaney.” My temper was momentarily dampened with Karina’s soft spoken, kind words.

“Thank you Karina and please enjoy the two days off, with pay of course.”

I could practically feel her happiness radiating off of her as she threw her arms around me and bolted out the door. 

“What the f-ck did you do that for, who’s going to help me around here?” Teddy whined, grabbing my things and putting them in the trunk of the Escalade. 

I snorted. “You’re a big boy Theodore, I think you can handle taking care of yourself for two days.”

We both got into the car, Teddy slamming his door with more force than was necessary, but I tried not to let him bother me. The drive was silent for the first few miles till Teddy’s phone started to ring.

He glanced at the screen then quickly shut the ringer off.

“So, what are you and Laura going to get into out there?” I looked peeked at his face and saw he was unusually pale.

“Are you okay, you don’t look too good.”

“I’m fine.”

“Are you positive, becau-”

He slammed his hand on the steering wheel. “Damnit Ella I said I was okay so just drop it okay!”

I flinched back from his harsh words and pivoted in my seat, leaning my head against the window so he wouldn’t see the tears welling up in my eyes.

It was complete silence after that all the way into the airport, where as soon as he stopped, I ran out of the car, grabbed my bags and headed straight for the first-class lounge.

By the time he found parking I was already through security and past the point where he could get to me. I was too mad and upset to even hear a half-assed apology from him so I decided my phone had to be shut off too.


“Ella, Ella over here!” My eyes scanned the small crowd at the airport till they fell on Laura’s lithe frame jumping around excitedly.

Grabbing my suitcase I ran over to her and as soon as her arms wrapped around me, the tears flowed without my consent. 

“I’m, I’m so…glad I’m here.” I sniffled into her shirt, unwilling to let go.

“Me too ER, I’ve missed my best friend,” She pulled away and held me at arms length. “How are you?” 

I sighed, wiping away some errant tears but smiling at the nickname only she was allowed to call me. Few people even knew that my middle name was Rae and only Laura called my Ella Rae or ER. “That’s a loaded question that needs more privacy than an airport lounge for it to be answered.” 

She nodded solemnly and linked arms with me, leading me towards her car while she got me updated on the town’s gossip.

It was mindless talk that I appreciated; it made me feel like we were back in high school just being us. 

It was a short drive to her small bungalow home and for some inexplicable reason, I could feel my eyes welling up again.

“You got the house,” I whispered, dragging my bag along with me.

She beamed. “Yeah, it took some time but I still remember our promise to live in cute small homes.”

I nodded, too afraid that I’d break down if I actually said anything.

“Though you definitely took that above and beyond, I saw your house on HGTV celebrity homes, Ella it’s huge!”

“Yeah I know; to tell you the truth I don’t even like the damn thing. It’s too big for just two people.”

She rolled her eyes, placing my suitcase in her guest room. “Of course it’s too big but that’s what those people in Hollywood love; bigger is always better to them.”

With a pat on the back she left me to freshen up and headed downstairs. I looked around at the small room that was essentially the size of my closet back at home and could only think one thing – I wish I could call this place home.

Because that was what this was, a home with personal knick knacks and pictures; signs of people actually living here. 

My head was pounding from crying and thinking too much so I hopped in the shower quickly to scrub the day away and threw on a skirt and tank top, letting my hair dry in waves around my face.

I went downstairs where Laura had a whole spread of comfort food already laid out on the small dining room table. 

“I thought you’d wanna stay inside tonight, change of pace?” I smiled, taking my place at the table.

“This is seriously exactly what I needed, thanks Laur” 

“No problem, plus I figured some fried chicken might loosen those lips up so you can finally tell me what’s wrong,”

I thought about lying, just saying everything was fine so I wouldn’t ruin the trip but her stern look cut the lie at my throat.

“And don’t you dare say you’re fine. You’ve done nothing but cry since you’ve been here and you’re my best friend – I knew something was wrong when you called last month with that hollow sounding voice.” She piled my plate high with everything from cream spinach to honey rolls before slamming my plate and a fork in front of me. “Now, speak.”

So I told her about Teddy cheating on me, how I saw him in bed with another man but wasn’t quick enough to see his face when he ran out the door. I told her how Teddy wanted us to seem like we were okay to squash the gay rumors. 

I told her about my overwhelming loneliness, about Teddy’s anger, about my friends constant partying, about what my mother said to me.

“That woman is just disgusting Ella. I know she’s your mother and it’s a horrible thing to say but she is,” She grabbed my hand in hers, tears steaming down her face and mirroring those on mine. “You know she’s wrong right, you know if you decided to leave Teddy today that there would be dozens of men that’d fight for you heart.”

I forced a smile on my face. “I know Laur,”

And for once, thankfully, she didn’t call me out on my lie.
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