Pyramids by Frank Ocean.

Application to Måne.

Tatum Mikhailova, 19.
Hometown: Moscow, Russia.
Theme song: Dangerous Girl by Lana Del Rey.
Scent: YSL Parisienne.
Never without: A Ruby-encrusted dagger always strapped to her thigh or arm, the scent of YSL Parisienne (except during runway shows of course), a bag, containing: body butter, extra clothes for castings or go-sees, her pretty Colt third model Dragoon percussion revolver inlaid with tiny golden animals.
The tramp/specialization:
Likes: Black coffee, champagne, chandeliers, challenges, cigarettes, dark chocolate, diamonds, fur, killing, Lana Del Rey, lingerie, lions, pearls, mirrors, modeling, money, old Hollywood glamour, roses, the color black, tigers, wine, winning.
Dislikes: Bad grammar, being interrupted, being taken advantage of, blisters, boredom, bruises, bugs, copiers, fakers, headaches, insects, jet lag, losing, procrastination, public restrooms, stress, tackiness, wannabes.
Bio: Her blue eyes have the depth and mystery of a closet so full of skeletons the door won't close.
A disgraced daughter of Segei "Mikhas" Mikhailov, the leader of the Solntsevskaya Bratva, a powerful organized crime association.
Model: Barbara Palvin.
Taken by: @the-glamourai.

a. Tell us about you. What's your name, how old are you your background.

b. Why should we even consider you for a job? What could you bring to the agency that we haven't seen before?

c. How much experience do you have? Any unusual talents?
Let me tell you something--I was born with a gun in hand, taught to hunt down and kill before I could even speak a word. My father knew how crucial it was, in my position as his daughter, to learn how to protect myself. When you're in a family like mine, mafia blood--something like coldness--runs through your veins. Experience in killing could be called an instinct for me.

d. What's your greatest weakness and what's your greatest strength?

e. What are you passionate about?
Touching the real and the surreal, understanding desire, and not forgetting the dream.

f. Describe your work style.

#2: Make a model-on-duty set, story is optional.

#3: Make an assassin-on-duty set, story is optional.

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