Name: Charlotte India Newton
Age: 19
Occupation: College student
Biggest fear: Spiders. Ugh.
Weapon: Steel pipe
Bio: On the outside, Charlotte - not Charlie any more, don't call her that - seems like any normal college student devoted to her studies and her attractive older boyfriend most girls would die for. Inside, she's a mess, guilty and still traumatized by what she's had to hide the past two years: her uncle Charlie, her namesake and previously her favorite family member, tried and almost succeeded in killing her when she learned that he was a serial killer. He died before he could finish her off for good, and for the sake of her family's reputation and her mother's fragile nerves, Charlie never told anyone what she knew about him, or that, however accidentally, she was the one to push him in front of the train that killed him. She's tried to move on with her life, but the past still haunts her, and she's not sure how much longer she can take it.
Based on: Shadow of a Doubt
Model: Crystal Reed
Taken by: @teenidle

Top three:
Shadow of a Doubt
The Birds
Rear Window

1. florence and the machine | landscape
2. explosions in the sky | what do you go home to
3. maria taylor | no stars
4. ellie goulding | the wolves (bon iver cover)
5. cat power | human being
6. laura marling | devil's spoke
7. lissie | everywhere i go
8. emily wells | instrumental
9. emily browning | sweet dreams (eurythmics cover)
10. metric | help i'm alive
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