HEY YOU NON GLEN COCO PEEPS. How was your...I was gonna say weekend but then I realized that I haven't been around for nearly a week now. SO. ANYWAY. How was your nearly week? Going great I hope.

Me? Assuming that you're asking me, I had a great weekend. I saw Super Junior's concert last Saturday. It was awesome. You know why? Because it was free. All those gorgeous boys and I got free tickets. Like bangin good seats free tickets. Good job universe! That was a really cosmic move on your part.

It was a pretty awesome show too. I saw 12 (out of the technically 15) boys of Super Junior. Not bad. That's still a lot of boys for one night.

That's what she said.


The real reason though why I was gone for a while was because my computer was getting reformatted. Now it's virus free. YAY! 

Okay. I think I like this set. A bit. It's not as ugly as the set before this.

Also. I would die to have this outfit.

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