Wednesday: It's a wrap up for Justin Timberlake's new video and he's throwing a huge party! Wear something hot, word is that he's now single.
I was really exited. Well, of course I was. It was /the/ Justin Timberlake's party I was invited to. 
I arrived with the other Tw girls, but they started to mingle very fast. I they got a lot of contacts. Me, on the other hand, was new. I really didn't know what to do. 
My phone vibrated. It was a text from Kaleb.
Text from Kaleb:
Yo, Chloe. R u @ the party??

Text from Chloe:
Yeah? Y?

Text ffrom Kaleb: 
I'm in the smoking room. Come and join me.

Hm..Why not?
I started searhing after the smoking room. I spotted Timberlake, walking towards, ME?! 
"Hey, You're one of the Tw girls, aren't you??" He smiled. "Yes I am" I gave him my biggest smile. "Chloe Jensen. Congratulations!" "Thank you!" He gave me a hug. I hadn't expected that. I met him for the first time in my life. "He he, well you make really great music, Mr.Timberlake." He laughed. "Haha. Thanks, but what's up with the "Mr" thing?" I blushed. "Oh, I'm just being polite." He laughed. Again. "That's very good. But I'm not. I haven't found a drink for you yet." 
He started looking around for a waiter. "Eh, it doesn't matter. I'm on my way to someone." "Well I don't care, my dear." He grabbed my hand, and dragged me to the bar.
There he got me totally drunk. It's not my fault, I just love blue drinks. He tried to kiss me, but I don't remeber if he got a kiss or not. Any way, only three second later, did he spot one of the other TW girls and went to her. I was left by the bar. Something was building up in my stomach and I ran to the bathroom. Lucky me that I had some gum. Why did I have to be so inlove with blue drinks?!?! Gah, my head was pounding and my lips were sore. But, one positive thing was that I stumbled into the smoking area. Kaleb sat there in the middle of some guys. I took a seat between him and some guy. They were all stoned. I didn't care. Kaleb's chest was warm, and I think I fell a sleep there. He continued smoking, and when I woke up, I joined him.
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Wrote 7 years ago
omg ;o
i love it !!!!!!!!! <333333333333

Wrote 7 years ago
love it.

Wrote 7 years ago

Wrote 7 years ago
awesome! i love the electric blue!



High on Heels!

High on Heels!

any sets with heels are welcome!

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The Ultimate Roleplay List

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?All Role Plays?

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Style Up, Style Down

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sexy heels...again

sexy heels...again

146 sets from 22 members. Ended 7 years ago.
Show us how much heels can be sexy!!!
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