+"Knock on Wood" by Amii Stewart
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| Sophie Laurence 1.17.13 |

Work day at the office - Rhimes Modeling Agency. 

The click-clack of my heels echoed through the halls as I made my way to the offices. The Rhimes Modeling Agency building was faily large, for we took up almost 13 floors. I've never been passed the tenth floor though, those floors are for the head-honchos of this place. Interns weren't allowed to visit their offices no matter the need. So pretty much I'm forbidden up there--for now. ( ;) ) 

I turned to face the fourth door on my right and knocked slowly twice and a quick third knock. A chair swiveled from the other side and I heard the man clear his throat. "Come in my darling." He said in a rustic deep voice and I couldn't help but laugh. 

Still laughing, I turned the knob and made my way into the office. "I have the papers for you Mr. Davis." I lifted my fingers from underneath the manilla folders I was carrying and let them slam onto his desk. 

"Wow someone's fiesty today." He winked and I rolled my eyes, but couldn't hold back my smile. I put my right hand on his desk and put my left hand on my hip to lean over closer to him. 

"When am I not fiesty, Ronnie?" I winked and stood up straight and smoothed my skirt. "Now stop being such a man-whore and get to work." 

"Yeah okay, since when does anyone listen to an inern?" He flicked his hand back jokingly and sassed me. Ronnie was always flirting with anything that moves. I just happen to be his main target because I'm shadowing him in my internship at Rhimes Modeling Agency. Ronnie is extremely gorgeous and very muscular. Anyone would die to be with him, but I wasn't falling for him, but hey...why not play his game a little bit? 

"HEY. I won't be an intern for long. Especially with your reccomendation going to Miranda..." I winked and strut my way over to the door. 

"If you keep doing that you will get an amazing reccomendation...but I think I will miss your office visits hourly if you get an actual job here..."

"OH SHUT UP." I threw my hands in the air and laughed. Ronnie was honestly a blast to work with, he was sarcastic and definitely a flatterer. And despite his flirty ways he always seems to get his work done to perfection. 

"You know you would miss me too much Soph." He winked and swiveled around in his big leather office chair. 

"Yeah yeah yeah." I sassed him and suddenly heard breathing behind me. I spun around and saw the one, the only, Miranda Rhimes. Oh my gosh...

"Miss. Rhimes!" I gasped, "How are you?" I stood up straight and wiped the smile I had on my face to the ground. The only time I've seen Miranda was in the tabloids...

"Fine, fine thank you hun." She nodded and smiled and looked passed me towards Ronnie who was fixing his tie nervously. Ronnie acting NERVOUS?Oh I am going to hold this over him forever!

"Ronald, I'm having you visit the site for Michael Kor's show for next month. You're going with the head event coordinator, Tisha; my assistant, Bethany; and hmm..." She paused to think. I was still in shock that THE Miranda Rhimes was standing next to me!

"Bring her." She said and I glanced over to her to see that she was staring at me. Me. Wait a second, ME?! 

"Um me?" I pointed to myself and raised my eyebrows. The woman didn't even know my name, why would she want me to go to the event location scouting? 

"Yes, why not? You're my newest intern and I want you to experience the field more for your future." She explained and gave me the slightest smile, "I'm Miranda by the way." 

As if the whole country didn't already know that! Or was I the only one obsesseed with her work?

"Yes I know, it's so nice to meet you!" I smiled but somehow managed to keep calm, "Oh! I'm Sophie." 

Miranda smiled, nodded, and turned back to face Ronnie, "I will email you the details. Don't forget to forward them to," She paused and relaxed her shoulders, "Sophie. Yes right?" She glanced back at me and before I could reply her attention was back to Ronnie. "Chao!" And with a pivot turn she was right out the door. 

"Oh. My. Gosh." I exhaled a giant breath. 

"Starstruck? Yeah it gets old fast." He huffed and started to open up the manilla folders I dropped on his desk before. "Now get lost kid I have a sh*t load of work to get done." He was actually acting serious for once. 

"Alright bud peace out." I made my way back into the hall but turned around to see him staring at my butt. I gave him the kissy face and as I walked down the hallway could still hear his laugher. 

I can't really complain much about my job...for the most part. But hey a nice break would be nice.

And right on command I heard a beep from my purse. 

From: Carly
To: The Girls<3

I'm feeling a gno and night and then my place tomorrow?

The girls replied in a second as if we all weren't busy at work and had no lives...HAHA

Miriam: You read my mind chica
Seqouia: YES
Maggie: <3 
Kylee: Perfect! 

I replied as well: "1020 please?!?"

Carly responded, "Where else would we go? ;)"

I laughed at my phone, and nearly ran into a tall red-headed guy carrying a tray of coffee down the hall. "AH I'm so sorry!" 

"It's all good blondie." He chuckled and continued on his way. I stopped in my path and turned around and gave him a weird stare. Blondie? Real nice...if only he knew that I was helping the people in charge of this place decide on a spot for Michael Kors fashion show...
That's right, be jealous coffee boy.


(wow this story honestly sucks, still getting a feel for writing for sophie haha :\)

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a mysterious academy full of secrets, lies, and even a bit of witchcraft.
a circus that comes without warning and leaves without notice filled with wonder, mystery and even magic.
for thousands of years the cursed ones hid in the shadows, fooling mankind into thinking they didn't exist. then one day they just...stopped. and no one was ever safe again.
a new generation enters hogwarts 19 years after harry & his friends, and they learn the past is ever present.
ten years after harry + his friends have left hogwarts, a mysterious monster is lurking
a bachelor style show set one hundred years forward in a dystopian society

a place where ghosts lurk out at night and no one knows what really happened to them... but maybe that's about to change
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a revisiting of the Roaring Twenties, where mobsters rule Chicago + flappers frequent the speakeasies in one of the most magical eras
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