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well last set i said i was going to do set making tips so i’m going to just put them here.

amie’s set making tips:

before you start your set, CHOOSE A COLOUR SCHEME!!!! it makes it a lot easier when you’re looking for fillers if you know what colours you’re going to use.

here are some colour schemes that will get lots of faves. why? cos they stand out and will attract people to your set which is what you want.

- hot pink, yellow and orange!!! everybody knows this colour combo but really, it's super gorgeous

- pastel yellow, pastel blue and white!! this beach house-ish colour scheme is beautiful and looks really pretty if you add a soft floaty top!!

- aqua (turquoise) and beige!! I love this colour combination as not many people use aqua and with beige, it really pops!!

- navy, gold and white!! nautical sets are fantastic and look really stunning because of the contrasting colours. HOWEVER, don't make everything in the set striped!! 

oh and another thing, USE A SQUARE!!! before you start your set, just type into the search bar thingy majiggy, square template or circle template or whatever shape you want your set to be. it takes hardly any time whatsoever and makes your set look neat. trust me, everybody likes neat sets.

some things you might want to put in your set (don't put all of these things in the one set lol xD):

- a yes but no quote

- a word graphic quote thingy

- little things quote

- beach pics are particularly popular

- and paper lanterns make good fillers

tips on fillers:

- take them from other people's sets!! it may sound bad, but really you get heaps of good ones!!

- feel free to use some of the same fillers two sets in a row!! this way you won't have to find tooo many!

- use some coloured fillers but also use things like starfish or sand which a neutral to mix it up a bit.

- to find some good fillers, click in the search thing on your homepage, yeah well click collections then type in pink fillers or red fillers for example. people have made numerous collections with different coloured fillers so you should be right.

well that's all, hope it kind of made sense and helped but yeah,

amie xD
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ANY sets that have pink or red in them.
can also contain couples in the set too.

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