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Well I tried out for volleyball as soon as I got back from break. The first day of tryouts was okay, I totally forgot it was tryouts so i was in skinny jeans and flats wearing like feather earrings and stuff. -.- i couldn't do much that day. Today I wore my sweats, nikes, and a loose top and I did a lot better. My arm and stomach hurts from like trying so hard. :P I thought I was doing so well until at like the last 10 minutes the coach started judging who was good and should compete with who, etc. & I was one of the last of the people that finally got to play.. [ fyi, that means you suck and arent so good at volleyball ] -.-

i was so embarassed.
at my last play, i seriously couldn't do anything.
i couldn't spike the ball, serve it, etc.
i was just so nervous and dissapointed.


the list is going to be up tomorrow.
& i'm positive i wont be on it. -.-
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