September 16, 2012

Song of the day: Never Grow Up - Taylor Swift (this TSwift song has kinda been stuck in my head recently, and I'm kind of in this exact mood. Don't grow up, kids! Life gets hard and STRESSFUL.)

So I'm kinda bored right now, in a "Hmmm, I wanna do a random tag right now" way. So, I took it upon myself to find a tag, which I did manage to do, so here it is...

1) Where were you 3 hours ago? - At home
2) Is there anything pink within 10 feet of you? - No, the desk I'm sitting at is lined up against a wall (which is not pink)
3) What are you wearing right now? - PJs
4) What are the colors of your bedroom walls? - Light purple 
5) Who is the last person you sent a message to? - Mmm... the captain of my tennis team cause I had to pick up my uniform from her house 
6) What does your last text message say? - "Okay no problem!" (what the captain said) 
7) Can you taste the difference between Pepsi and Coke? - Not an avid soda drinker, so no, I probs can't.
8) Is your hair curly or straight? - Well it's slightly wavy, but mostly just frizzy (aka, a hot mess right now)
9) Which is the hardest thing you ever had to do? - Hmm probably living by myself (well with my twin though) in a different city for three weeks this summer 
10) Favorite 2 color combinations? - Well in terms of clothing combinations, I guess I like olive and like a cream-colored something.
11) What is your favorite accessory? - Hmm I don't really wear any cause I don't exactly have any, but I really love rings!
12) Which current celebrity's style do you admire most? - I'll just go with Alexa Chung. She seems like a safe choice.
13) What is your favorite fashion store/shop? - ZARA (though it is WAY too expensive for me), Urban Outfitters, F21 is starting to grow on me (though I haven't shopped there too frequently in the past), LF has gorgeous clothes (but is pricey!), and Madewell (another sort of pricey one, but lucky for me, my mom loves it, so she sometimes buys me Madewell stuff when it goes on sale)
14) When was the last time you drove out of town? - My parents drove me to the city yesterday
15) With the exception of the computer, what can you hear? - My parents/sister packing upstairs (my sister's heading to college tomorrow!) 
16) What was the last thing you bought? - My mom bought me some tennis skirts this morning =)
17) What is the first thing you think of when you wake up in the morning? - "SHUT UP, ALARM CLOCK"
18) Favorite food? - ICE CREAM <3
19) Biggest turn off? - When people are obnoxious, pretentious, fake, obsessed with popularity, act too mature for their age, superficial, etc., etc.
20) What do you always have on you/wear? - My cross =)
21) What does your screen name mean/how did you come up with it? - Geez. That's too embarrassing. My dad made it up for me in 4th grade because he didn't trust that I could make one that didn't give away any information about myself. So, we're not gonna go into that.
22) Favorite style of top/blouse? - Ooh I like simple cuts. Right now, I'm feeling the sort of boxy, cropped muscle-y tanks (but I don't actually own any) that are going around. Otherwise, this summer, I really loved the tanks that like knotted at the bottom, or like any sort of silky, button-down, collared tank or blouse (though I don't exactly own any of those).
23) Favorite TV show? - You guys all know you should never get me started on this question. At the moment, ROOKIE BLUE, Grey's Anatomy (always a crowd pleaser!), Parenthood, and Awkward. (to name a few). 
24) What is a favorite TV show from your childhood? - When I was really, really little I loved Clifford and Dragon Tales. And after that, all the Disney classics, pretty much.
25) What does your dream bedroom look like? - Ooh something along these lines: (that's not updated, but I did manage to pin a few things during my Pinterest phase). I really love like the white/neutral-toned, minimalistic theme. 

Now I tag: @luxecouture, @bestdressx, @hortensie, @istylista, @lostinsuburbia, @deercat, @raisng614, @i-do-have-a-ch0ice-fash10n, @hijabikebabi, @tell-me-more and hmm I don't know, whoever else! And please, feel free to not do it if you'd rather not!

Okay. I so regret that. Now I'm super behind on my work. I was supposed to finish English and history tonight, but now I'm anticipating that I'll only be able to finish like half of English before 12! Eeep! Time to go. Good night, loves! x
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Wrote 4 years ago
Wonderful set!

Wrote 4 years ago
Very very gorgeous !

Wrote 4 years ago
i'm in love with this set! <3 is sooo beautifu *-*

Wrote 4 years ago
so chic!



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