♦ Jayden 'Jay' Hunter.
Age: 25.
Bio: Jayden Hunter is the classic southern gentleman. In his life he has only had two steady girlfriends, the latter of which he was even engaged to. After suffering a major heartbreak at the hands of his then-fiance, Jayden put all of his passion into his music- the subject he was studying at University. The day of his graduation, Jay took the first flight available to New York City to begin his music career. Now he's part-time managing the infamous Bleecker Street Records, and nurturing his growing career. He knows that he's not ready for marriage, but sometimes he wishes that he could have a connection with a girl the way he did back home. But hey, why not have fun looking?
Job: Manager of Bleecker Street Records/ Indie Artist
Status: Single.
Looks: Mark Salling

I grabbed my guitar and headed towards the stage that I had called home for nearly a year now. I had gotten a resident gig at the Palisades, this little cafe in The Village, not too far from the store. It didn't pay much, but it kept me doing what I loved. Not to mention it did help pay the rent from month to month.
The show was a blur tonight. I played some songs that I knew were crowd cover favorites, and threw in a couple from my upcoming EP. I was well recieved as usual, but it just wasn't clicking tonight. I was in a funk. One thing I noticed though, was a girl who couldn't take her eyes off of me the entire set. Which happened every once in a while. And when it did, I always knew they wanted something more than a good serenade.
That's the thing about New York. There were a lot of girls not too interested in the long term, but what was happening right now. Something I decided not to fight.
She was seated at the bar when I finished and decided to grab a drink.
"You were fantastic tonight." Her curly brown hair was falling over her slim shoulder blades, and it was obvious that she might not have been talking about my singing.
"Why thank you," I waved over the bartender. "Can I get you something?"
"A gin and tonic please," I ordered for the both of us, just a classic Southern Comfort on the rocks for myself. "I've seen you play before."
"Oh really? Do all other performances pale in comparison to tonight?" I asked, thanking the bartender and taking a drink. 
"I must say, I wasn't really listening.." She smiled broadly and extended her hand. "I'm Genevieve."
"Jay." I took her hand and kissed it, in my usual style."You weren't listening? Well I must say, I was looking for an avid review of my performance. I'm pretty dissapointed."
Genevieve scooted closer to me, the faint scent of her perfume filling my nostrils. She rested her hand on my thigh and I couldn't help but notice the wedding ring on her left hand.
"I could give you a review on something else if you want." I pulled a twenty out of my wallet and laid it on the counter for the drinks. I stood up, taking the strap of my guitar over my shoulder. She stood up, preparing to follow me outside.
"Ma'am, a real gentleman doesn't move in on another man's wife. I can only hope that one day you'll realize that. Enjoy your evening. Barry, I'll see you in a few days." I said goodbye Barry, the bartender that I'd befriended in my time working here, and walked away.

Because that's what real men do.

-Jay Hunter

[ Short story, I know. But I love Mark Salling, and everything this character could be :) ]
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