A-Available: ?
B-Birthday: August 17th 
C-Crushing: uhm... my fiancé ?!?!
D-Drink You Last Had: Tea :3
E-Easiest Person To Talk To: My fiancé
F-Favorite Song: Right now it is...You & I from One Direction
G- Gummy Bears or Gummy Worms: Both.
H- Have you Ever Been in the Ocean: Yes. I love the ocean!
I-In Yours Dreams: I live my dream. I have a great fiancé and great friends and a onderful familiy. My life is perfect...or at least it is for me.
J-Jaguars or Jellyfish: Jaguars
K- Kissed someone: uhm...My fiancé?
L-Lied To Someone: unfortunately
M-Milkshake Flavor: Strawberry
N-Number of Siblings: three
O- One Wish: I'd wish for world peace :)
P- Person You Called Last: My fiancé
R-Reason To Smile: My fiancé,my family and friends and One Direction
S-Song You Last Sang: You & I~One Direction
T-Time you Woke Up Today: around 6
U-Underwear Color: white (Should anyone know that?!)
V-Vegetable: carrots
W-Worst Habit: I am messy
X-X-Rays you've had: When I broke my leg and the one I got for my teeth.
Y-Years Living Where You Are: Uhm...8 months...I guess?
Z-Zodiac Sign: Lion

Random Questions:
Favorite Animal: Pandas and Horses!

What Color Do You Where The Most: baby blue white and pink :)

Least Favorite Color: neon yellow

What Are You Listening To: Carry You-Union J

Favorite Class At School: English

Are You Out Going: Yep

Can You Dance: Not really

Can You Whistle: Yes

Can You Cross You Eyes: Yes

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