Lydia falls out of bed with a load thunk. She bounces back up and tries to balance herself, but the entire TARDIS is rocking. It’s hard to believe she’s been traveling around with the Doctor for only two weeks with all the things she’s seen, people she’s met, and places she’s gone to. Only two days ago Lydia went to ancient Rome and met Homer in the middle of writing the Odyssey! Of course it wouldn’t be a journey with the Doctor if Lydia and the Doctor didn’t have to fight off a series of aliens that only blind Homer could see. Lydia looks down and realizes that, as soon as they got off the beaches of Normandy in 2475 where they went for a swim then talked another kraken to go back in the water, Lydia just went to bed in her denim shorts and white t- shirt. She ties her hair in a high ponytail and weaves her way around the TARDIS to the front of it. The Doctor is frantically trying to control the TARDIS. He looks up and notices Lydia.

“Gooooood morning, sleepy head. Didn’t even feel like changing out of your clothes last night?” The Doctor jokes.

Lydia tries to laugh, but she’s holding onto the railing for dear life. “What’s going on with the TARDIS? I know the landing’s always rocky, but this is outrageous! Where are we even going?”

The Doctor tries to talk and steer the TARDIS at the same time. “Um, it’s just a little rocky today and you’re going to like where we’re going today,” The TARDIS lands with a load boom. The Doctor snaps open the door and leads Lydia out the doors of the TARDIS. “Lydia, I invite you to Yasger’s Farm in 1969 to an event that has become known by many as Woodstock.”

Lydia gasps. “I need to go change!” The Doctor laughs while Lydia runs back inside.

- - -

Lydia bounces outside in her sixties hippie attire. The Doctor leads Lydia around the farm where people have already set up for the event. According to the Doctor, there is still a day until the concert starts. Lydia looks around in amazement while the Doctor explains the history of Yasger’s Farm and Woodstock event in general, but she drowns him out. Although Lydia grew up in Scotland, her family always dreamed of going to Woodstock and meeting The Who. Everyone at Woodstock seemed so nice; waving and flashing peace signs at her. There were a lot of drugs. /A lot/ of drugs. Lydia turned them all down, because a) she’s not into that kind of stuff and b) who knows if they’re even the real deal?

Suddenly, Lydia hears a familiar beeping noise. The Doctor stops his monologue about Woodstock and digs into his coat pocket to pull out his Timey- Wimey Stuff Detector in full out beeping. This would be an easy place to find an alien- sarcasm noted. The Doctor gives Lydia an apologetic look and Lydia shrugs. What can she do? She joined the Doctor for adventure and it’s obvious she would be getting an adventure with this one. How many people can say they fought real living /aliens/… with the help of an alien?! All the hippies certainly had their attention on them now, because cell phones aren’t even created yet so who knows what this thing looks like to them!

Lydia follows the Doctor and they reach a dead end where the Timey Wimey Stuff Detector is beeping at a slow pace everywhere. The two sigh in frustration. Whatever this creature is, it’s everywhere now. The Doctor sighs and puts the detector at his side. The devise begins to shake the Doctor’s arm it’s detecting something so strong. The Doctor takes Lydia’s hand and runs in the direction towards the stage. Lydia and the Doctor look at the stage in confusion where there’s a giant space craft type thing sitting there. Since this is the 1960’s it’s no surprise if there’s something from a sci- fi movie on stage, but when the Doctor puts the Timey Wimey Stuff Detector up to the ship it dings. The Doctor smiles at Lydia.

“We found our spaceship,” He laughs.

They walk around to the other side of the ship and the Doctor scans the Sonic Screwdriver on the doorway of the spaceship. The door slides open like the door on the Honda Odyssey, a mini can. Lydia walks in first and looks around the room with no fear. The ship looks like someone cloned the Death Star George Lucas created; very basic with blinking lights and switches. There's no place to hide, but no need to hide; although the ship is huge, there appears to be no one in there so the Doctor and Lydia wander around freely.

Lydia and the Doctor find their way to the cockpit of the ship; which looks just as basic as the rest of the ship. Lydia glances over the dashboard and realizes how eerily similar it is to a boat control panel. The Doctor scans the Sonic Screwdriver over the dashboard to find it's just as basic as Lydia expected. The last thing that Lydia remembers is the Doctor shouting duck a second too late, something hitting her hard on the back of the head, and everything going dark.

- - -

Lydia wakes up strapped to a table, mouth gagged, and her head throbbing. Bit by bit her vision clears and she realizes Jimi Hendrix and Bob Dylan standing over her. Not even an old Bob Dylan and a decomposing Jimi Hendrix, like how Lydia saw the founding fathers when the Doctor took her to Washington D.C., but living, breathing, and /young/ Jimi Hendrix and Bob Dylan! Lydia's excitement drops drastically when she remembers she's on a spaceship and Jimi is pulling her hair off the back of his guitar. Lydia struggles and the two singers get excited. Jimi hushes Bob and says that "the boss" is coming.

Lydia is confused. She then hears the echoing clicks of go- go boots and a coat swishing approaching her. A man stands in front of her wearing an orange corduroys jacket, green turtle neck, dark brown velvet pants, and tan leather go- go boots; a very sixties man. The man grins widely and flips his dirty blond, overly curly hair. That's when it hits Lydia; this is Roger Daltrey! This is the twenty- five year old lead singer of The Who! Lydia tries to smile, but the gag prevents her. When Roger notices Lydia, his smile immediately fades. Lydia's heart drops to her feet after one of her favorite musicians rejects her.

"What is this?!" Roger cries. "I told you to get me the man from the blue box... NOT HIS LITTLE LADY FRIEND!" Roger bellows. He massages his forehead. "One of you explain yourselves," Roger demands.

Jimi clears his throat. "Well, we thought you said to get the /people/ in the blue box. We didn't know you meant the man, specifically, and the girl seemed to know how to fly the ship so we went for her first. When Bob tried to catch the man he ran too fast for either of us to catch him," Jimi explains.

Roger's face turns red with fury. "This is the Doctor we're dealing with! One of you ungag her," Roger commands. Jimi takes the cloth out of Lydia's mouth. "Who are you?"

Lydia breathes heavily. "I am Lydia Connors from Scotland," Lydia informs him.

"Ahh, you're from the UK like I say I'm from," Roger states. Lydia tilts her head in confusion. "You seriously couldn't tell? You couldn't tell by the spaceship and me knowing everything about the Doctor and the blue box that travels through all of time and space? I'm an alien, Lydia Connors, these two are my robotic minions!" Roger bellows. He pulls the rubber mask off of Bob Dylan's face to reveal his robot structure. "Now, I demand you to tell me where the Doctor is!"

"I don't know where the Doctor is! One of your 'minions' whacked me in the head with his guitar before I could see where he went!" Lydia points out.

Roger scowls. "Jimi, come with me! We're going to find the Doctor! Bob, watch the girl! I know for the fact the Doctor's going to come back for her."

Roger snaps and Jimi follows him down a hallway. Lydia slumps into the table and tries to think through what just happened. She stares down the endless hallway and hope the Doctor is safe and knows what to do. All of a sudden, Lydia feels a plop of something on her forehead. Lydia looks up to see the Doctor, sweat faced, balancing like Spider Man in between the pipes on the ceiling. Lydia holds back giggles and the Doctor smiles at her. He shifts a little to the left before releasing his arms and landing on top of Bob Dylan robot. He immediately whips out the Sonic Screwdriver and shuts down the Bob Dylan robot. Lydia laughs.

"How long were you hanging up there?" She asks while the Doctor tries to release Lydia from her bondage.

The Doctor laughs. "They chased me out to the balcony and I had a few seconds to climb up there and get out of their sight- Oh my goodness these belts are tight!" The Doctor blurts out.

Lydia hears footsteps charging down the hallway. "I don't mean to rush you, but they're coming!" Lydia cries and the Doctor grunts in frustration.

"Looks like you're going to be used as a battery ram!" The Doctor announces to Lydia. He tilts Lydia so she's in a more upright position and puts the Sonic Screwdriver in Lydia's hand. "When I give you the signal you're going to direct this at Jimi and press this button. Got it? Good. Now, let's hurry!" The Doctor declares. The two turn the corner of the hallway to quickly find Jimi and Roger. "NOW!" The Doctor yells.

Lydia aims, closes her eyes, and presses the button. Lydia hears the boom of Jimi falling on the ground. The Doctor quickly adjusts the angle of the table Lydia's laying on so it's horizontal and pushes Lydia at full speed into Roger so he's pinned between the wall and Lydia. Lydia goes bug- eyed in terror while the Doctor holds Lydia's table in place. There's a stare down between the Doctor and Roger; in fear of what will happen between the two ticking time bombs, Lydia closes her eyes tightly.

"You just couldn't wait to come back to Earth, Emperor Changling?" The Doctor asks.

"The planet's biggest rock concert with some of the planet's biggest celebrities and everything futuristic is in style? It was practically calling for me, Doctor. Anyway, all the musicians are safe in case you're worried," Roger, who is now apparently Emperor Changling, reassures.

The Doctor rolls his green- blue eyes. "Emperor, go home and never come back to this planet. This is a planet of peace and, trust me, the best thing you'll get out of this planet is some ancient technology," The Doctor informs him.

Emperor Changling sighs. "Fine, you win. Doctor, you always ruin my fun. I'll set the musicians free and head out in a few minutes," Emperor Changling gives in. The Doctor gives Emperor Changling a look and he sighs again. "And I'll destroy my robots," The Doctor gives Emperor Changling one last look. "AND I'll let your friend go! Are you happy now?!" Emperor Changling cries.

The Doctor grins. "Yes, yes I am. Good travels, Emperor Changling. I hope I only see you again on /other/ planets," The Doctor insists.

- - -

Two days later Lydia and the Doctor are sitting on the field of Yasger's Farm watching /the real/ Roger sing his heart out with the rest of The Who. Lydia had talked the Doctor into dressing in hippie attire on the first day of Woodstock. Now Lydia sits next to the Doctor in a rainbow tie- dyed shirt, bell- bottom jeans, and purple circular sunglasses. Lydia sings along to every song that The Who sings and she can hear the Doctor secretly humming along. Lydia can't help, but remember the Emperor Changling part the Doctor never explained to her. She decides to bring it up when The Who steps off stage to switch bands.

"So, I have to ask, who was the Roger I met two days ago?" Lydia asks nibbling on a salad the Doctor had stashed in the TARDIS's kitchen; if there was one thing Lydia wasn't going to do is accept food from anyone here.

"That was Emperor Changling. His job is to change into the form of another creature, or human in this case, to feed on their love for energy. He wanted to change into me so he could have the power of a Time Lord and travel anywhere to feed on love. Plus Emperor Changling knew that he could feed off a lot of my love for you," The Doctor informs her.

Lydia smiles and lightly slaps the Doctor's thigh. "Aww, Doctor, you actually love me?" Lydia asks.

"OnlyInAFather-DaughterWay!" The Doctor quickly states as if it's all one word. Then he manages to cough up a single laugh. "Yes, I love you, but there's nothing romantic about it. I think of you as my daughter and maybe my much, much, /much/ younger sister," The Doctor reinforces.

Lydia smiles. She understands what the Doctor means fully and she loves him the same. Lydia wraps her arms around the Doctor and holds him close. "I love you, Doctor," Lydia admits.

Lydia can tell the Doctor's smiling while he wraps his arms around her. "I love you too, Lydier."
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