30 Day Character Challenge.

Day 21 – Your piercings and tattoos, in great detail
• What do you have pierced, why, when, what tattoos do you have, where are they, when did you get them, why did you get them, who went with you, what is the meaning behind them
I have my ears pierced. The piercing is in the same spot that everyone gets theirs. I think that is about as daring as I will go with piercing. I’m not a big fan of them for myself...other people can go crazy with it and I don’t care. No tattoos yet either. I want to get one or two small ones someday though I haven’t fully decided what. I would probably get them in a spot that isn’t too noticeable because my mom would probably murder me. I think behind my ear or on my foot would be a cute spot. If I were to get one it would definitely have meaning. I don’t really understand why people get tattoos of things that don’t. 

Day 22 – Something that angers you, in great detail
• What makes you angry, what happens when you get angry, do you get angry often, what do you do to get out of anger 

This is hard. I’m not one to get angry...maybe upset and annoyed but not often angry. I guess I could think of a couple of things. When people hurt the ones I love or try to control things that they don’t have any business doing so but those are only the things that really bug me.
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