I really need your help this time so please read, it's interesting :))

When I was younger I wrote songs, poetry and short stories but now I finally have time and i started to write my first book (novel) so i need your help :)

It's a fantasy love story that's placed on the seas/ beaches/ oceans and some mythical creatures are involved so it's gonna be really interesting.
I can't telly you what the story is about cause i'm still not sure and working on it but it will be placed on 2 continents. Between Croatia and USA. And here is the problem, I need your suggestions about the names.

What do you think if the main characters are originaly from Croatia (Europe) and after some time started living in the USA what names should i pick? 
Croatian which are not fun and i don't like them or foreign like Chloe, Aaliyah etc but wouldn't that be weird to use some names that aren't related to my country?

What do you think? Can you give me some suggestions about the unique and interesting names or some other things? I would really appreciate that and when i'll have a structure of the whole story i will share it with you :)
 :)) xo

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Wrote one year ago
Don't use these but my favorite names are Damon and Elena

Wrote one year ago
I think you could use Anita or Margarita and Daniel or Adam

Wrote 5 years ago
I love @isobellah and @mari-moon suggestions! I like Grace, Daisy, Amabel, Cecilia, Clarice, Helen, Kailee, Karen, Katlyn, Nikki, Nichole, Penny.. I don't know dear.. It's hard for me to choose the names because all the names suggested are beautiful!! :)

Wrote 5 years ago
Sorry mine's late :) but here
ANTONIJA, inestimable.(Toni) // TATJANA, a small mountain. / / IVANA, Jehovah's gift (or grace).(Ana)
/ /
BISERA, beads, or, pearls. / / BOŽENA, divine gift. / / DALIBORA, distant battle. / / DRAGANA, beloved, dear. / / DUBRAVKA, oak-wood. / / DUŠANA, soul, spirit. / / EMILIJA, work.(Emily/Emm)
GORDANA, of Gordius, or, from Gordium. / / / / JADRANKA, from Hadria. / / JAGODA, strawberry. / / JELENA, the bright, or, the light. / / JELKA, the light , or, fir tree ./ / AROLINA, manly. / / LJUBINA, love. / / LUCIJA, light.(Lucy) / / LYUBINA, love. / / MARE, bitter. / / MARIJA, bitter.(Mary) / / MARIJANA, of the sea. / / MIRJANA, bitter. / / MIRNA, peaceful. / / MOJCA, bitter. / / NADA, hope.// NATALIJA, birthday, or, Christmas day. // RADA, happy, joyful. // ROSA, dew.(Rose) // SILVIJA, from the forest. / / SNJEŽANA, snow woman.// SOFIJA, wisdom. / / SUZANA, a lily.(Suze/Susan/Lilly) // TEREZA, harvester. // TIHANA, quiet one. // VALERIJA, healthy(Val) // VEDRANA, bright, clear; serene. // VESNA, messenger; a goddess of spring and youth.// VIŠNJA, cherry.// VJEKOSLAVA, time of honor.(Ava) // VLADIMÍRA, ruling the world.(Amira/Maria) // ZDENKA, of Sidon.// ZLATA, golden.// ZVONIMIRA, sound of peace.
Or if you want to can find a meaning of the name you like and give it an meaning in an American name. For example – VEDRANA meaning bright, clear; serene – you can name her ‘Serena’ or something like that .

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