Song: Come on Eileen ~ Dexys Midnight Runners

My leg is kinda getting better, but not much :S @silentrose & @lisa-atwood Here's chpt. O5 :)


**Hailey's POV**

I felt infinite when I was with him. I was now sitting towards him on his lap. His perfect features moved slowly in my hands as we continued to kiss. It came upon me that I might actually want him. A boy has never made me feel this way. Infinite. I suddenly thought of Jack. I wondered how it would feel if he kissed me, or did the same with me as Finn was doing.

I pulled away from Finn, suddenly disgusted that I would even think about Jack right now. He was a real doll, don't get me wrong, but I was crazy in love with Finn, not him. I felt like I needed to puke after the thought. Finn looked puzzled, but a smile still lit up his face. He was a knight in shinning armour, and he had already saved me. 

My Mum shouted form the kitchen, "Hailey! Finn! I'm leaving to pick up some goods from the store!" I took Finn's hand and led him to the banister. I looked down to see her standing there, just as she sent my sisters into our car. When she was finally alone with us, she said, "Please don't do anything you aren't supposed to. You know what I mean when I say this." I smiled at Finn, and she was surprised at what she had said.
"We won't" we said in unison. She gave an unconvinced look. we laughed and she walk out the door after saying bye. Finn was still looking down into the living room, so I took advantage of this.

**Finn's POV**

All of the sudden, I felt someone tap the back of my head. I whipped around, be she was already running. I smiled like an idiot and chased after her. she was really quick, and knew the house, as I didn't. To my advantage, so was I. I was right on her tail as she turned the corner, I caught her. She screamed like I was killing her, and burst into laughter.

 I carried her bridal style back to her room, and threw her down on the light pink duvet. She suddenly stopped smiling, and looked at me seriously. She jumped up and grabbed my collar to pull me on top of her, where I looked into her pretty green eyes.


I was thinking of putting a scene that was sexual, but I don't think it would be appropriate for polyvore.....and some of my followers would get offended, and I'd possible get reported, but I still don't know. What do you guys think?
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