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This is literally from April and this set sucks so much, I know, but i had to post this before I reopen the group, just as a little bit of drama so everything can fall into place. I finally got around to publishing this because I am now on summer break, so yeah, I can't wait to start writing for Kristina again, it's going to be so much fun! Well, enjoy!
I had ten minutes.
Ten minutes to make sure that everything was in place for dinner tonight. 

Tonight, as our night off, I'd invited Josh to have dinner with my family. Lovely, right? 

I had to invite him though. If I didn't let him meet them sooner or later then he'd get suspicious and seriously think I was messed up or something. And yes, my family is technically messed up, but nobody has to know that. 

I get dressed, picking out a satiny dress with pink crystal pumps. It probably didn't even match, but it was my family… and Josh, and well, he always thought I looked good, so it doesn't even matter what I'm wearing. 

We've already have some of our maids and chefs prepare the food, but my mind is a frazzled mess right now. I already made sure that everything was in place and that the maids did a good job of cleaning ad organizing things, but now, I just don't know what I could do with myself. 

I'm worried, to say the least. And usually, I do not get worried like this. Usually, I'm calm and cool, not giving two sh*ts about anything, but Josh is meeting /my/ parents. My parents that are on the verge of cracking… and the sad part is they're almost cracking because of me.

As I'm turning the corner, heading for the kitchen, someone pulls my wrist, and soon, my dad and I are face to face. "What?" I ask him, my tone probably not the most desirable for him to hear, but I'm not in the mood to deal with him at the moment. 

"Listen," He says sternly. "I don't want any hinting or clues given to your mother tonight, do you understand me?" He says. 

"Why don't you just give it up dad?" I sigh, looking right at him. "You're hopeless… you're going to lose her anyway… she's bound to find out about your affair sooner or later, whether I tell her or someone else does," I say looking at him.

"Kristina," He says madly, "You are not to speak a word of this do you understand me?" He repeats. "Your mother is not to know that I was cheating with her… do you hear me? She cannot know that I was cheating on her!" He says, his voice a tad too loud for my liking. 

And it's then that I hear whimpering and I turn slightly to my side, to see that who else but my mother is standing there, her hands clasped over her mouth, her mouth making small whimper-like sounds. "William," She says my fathers name after she removes her hands. "Is it true? Are you having an affair?" She asks. 
Despite looking like she's going to have a breakdown, she says this strongly and surprisingly calm.

My father sighs, "Yes, it's true, Lisa," He says. 

The elevator to our penthouse rings, and I'm guessing that Josh is here. "We will discuss all of this after dinner," My mother says icily, shooting me a look, "Not a word of this is to be spoken, do you hear me Kristina?" She says. 

I roll my eyes, "I've been hearing you mom," I say, suddenly exasperated as I walk to where the elevator is. Josh is standing there, smiling. I fake a smile back, leaning in and giving him a welcoming kiss, "Come on," I say once we pull out, taking his hand and lightly leading him to where my mother and father are standing. 

They have fake smiles plastered to their faces, that same cheery 'welcoming' grin that they use at charity galas when they're talking to someone they really don't want to be talking to. They've gotten good at it throughout the years. 

"Josh, this is my mom and this is my dad," I say, introducing them. "Mom, dad," I say, trying my hardest to look at them seriously. I can't believe them though. But I have to last through the night. I can't bring it up. Not with Josh here. "This is my boyfriend, Josh," I say, looking back at Josh with a grin.

"It's a pleasure to meet you," My mother says, "Kristina has told us /so/ much about you," She gushes. 

Josh shakes her hand lightly, "It's a pleasure to meet you as well, Mrs. Harvard," He smiles. 
He shakes my father's hand as well. "Please, sit," My father says with a smile as he leads us to the dining room. 

The maids have prepared the table accordingly, with fine china on the table and my mother's vintage silk tablecloth placed over the antique table. It looks so fancy, and for a second, I feel out of place, even though I've lived here all my life and I've grown up to this lifestyle… but things feel different. 

I take a seat at the table, patting the seat next to me, signaling Josh to sit next to me. My parents sit across from us and suddenly, I feel like this is going to be a long f*cking night. 
The dinner goes well, the food is good, and my parents make small talk with Josh while I sit there, sipping my glass of water or silently cutting up my chicken and putting small pieces into my mouth. I listen intently to whatever they're asking Josh or whatever they're saying in the first place.

And finally, we're done. My parents ended up loving Josh and the dinner didn't blow up completely in their faces, there were a few sharp comments, but everything is over. Finally Josh leaves, and I prepare myself for the aftermath. I hug and kiss Josh goodbye and he promises we'll talk tomorrow. I smile and nod, watching as he leaves. 

I turn around, heading to the living room where my mother and father are waiting. "You put on quite a show," I say to them a bit snakily. 

"Hm, I can say the same for you, Kristina," My mother says sharply. I stare at her. Um, did she /really/ just say that to me? She's lucky that I didn't just give away dad's cover and expose his affair to the tabloids, that would've ruined our family reputation. 

"What exactly is that supposed to mean?" I ask her back as I take a seat on the couch opposite of my mom and dad. They look so strange sitting together now. Before, everything looked alright between the, but obviously, that was before my mom found out the news. Now they look like two foreign strangers that really just don't want to be bothered by each other. 

"What I mean is you didn't tell me," She states. "You should've /told/ me. You could've at least had the respect to do that!" She says a bit angrily. 

"And have our perfect family cover blown?" I retort, looking at her. "You'd have my head on a platter. You're lucky I kept this away from the tabloids this long!" I yell. 

My mother sighs, her nostrils flaring as my dad sits there, doing nothing saying nothing. My mother then turns to my father, "I want you out. Pack your things, I want you gone. I don't care where you go, but I need time to think and I need you away from here!" 

"Isn't that a little unfair mom? If you need time to thin why don't you just g-" 

"KRISTINA! I can't even look at you right now," She screams. Her voice raises and for a second I think all the windows and every single piece of our fine glass China is going to break at the decibels of the volume. "I want you gone too! Just for a few days… I want you out of here!" 

I stare back at her, "You're a real b.tch, you know that? I try to protect your marriage and this is the thanks I get? You know what, you didn't just lose dad, you've lost me." I say as I stand up, stomping off to my room and slamming my door shut. 
I was done. Done with all of this. I pack my Louis Vuitton suitcase, before heading out to the foyer, where my father was waiting for me. 

"Where are we going?" I ask. 

"Somewhere… anywhere." He answers, hitting the lobby's button as the elevator began to go down. 

Minutes later, we arrived at the Palace hotel. I'd been here a few times for charity things and other occasions, but my mind could barely focus on the surroundings around me. All my mind could whirl about was what had previously happened. I had been kicked out of my own house and for what? Protecting their marriage so that the tabloids wouldn't flock us like pigeons? 
Whatever… she's lucky I saved her liposuctioned ass. 

We knocked on the door to the master suite after taking the elevator almost to the top floor, where the huge, two story suite was set up. 
Opening the door though was a familiar lady. And one I realized who it was, my jaw nearly dropped. 
It was Chuck's stepmother. 

After his father had died, she took him in and they lived here at the Palace. 
Why didn't I realize it? 

My dad kissed her on the cheek and she welcomed us in. I'd been in this very suite for parties and other occasions, but now being in it felt foreign and it hit me that I was going to be staying here for God knows how long. 

"Let me show you to the guest room… or your room at least," She smiled and I didn't even attempt to smile back. 

Upstairs, my room was right next to Chuck and after his stepmother left so that I could get settled in, I sat on the bed, uneasy feelings all returning. 

"Knock knock," 
A familiar voice appeared and as I looked up I realized it was Chuck.

The guy that had crushed my best friend's heart was standing right there, in my doorway, and I was going to be living under his roof now. 

"What do you want?" I ask him. 

"Looks like we're going to be living together, sis," He says. 

I roll my eyes, "Don't call me that," I say sharply, suddenly annoyed. 

"Whatever, K," He says. "But enjoy your stay here," He smiles sleazily and I roll my eyes again, getting up from my bed and pushing him out of the room. 

"I'll be sure not to, actually," I say, slamming the door in his face as I then returned to my bed, kicking off my Dolce pumps and curling up in my bed, shutting my eyes and hoping that soon, this nightmare would all be over.
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