“Once upon a time, powerful wizard, who wanted to destroy an entire kingdom, placed a magic potion in the well from which the inhabitants drank. Whoever drank that water would go mad.

The following morning, the whole population drank from the well and they all went mad, apart from the king and his family, who had a well set aside for them alone, which the magician had not managed to poison. The king was worried and tried to control the population by issuing a series of edicts governing security and public health. The policemen and the inspectors, however, had also drunk the poisoned water, and they thought the king’s decisions were absurd and resolved to take notice of them.

When the inhabitants of the kingdom heard these decrees, they became convinced that the king had gone mad and was now giving nonsensical orders. The marched on the castle and called for his abdication.

In despair the king prepared to step down from the throne, but the queen stopped him, saying: ‘Let us go and drink from the communal well. Then we will be the same as them.’

And that was what they did: The king and queen drank the water of madness and immediately began talking nonsense. Their subjects repented at once; now that the king was displaying such ‘wisdom’, why not allow him to rule the country?

The country continued to live in peace, although its inhabitants behaved very differently from those of its neighbors. And the king was able to govern until the end of his days.”

― Paulo Coelho, Veronika Decides to Die
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Still a real stunner!

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The Creative Coalition

The Creative Coalition

As if 10/15, on a temporary Hiatus. Will return. Just need to focus on some things offline at this time.
Welcome to the Creative Coalition - an art-based group. This is a group for those of us who find solace in creativity. We are creative, open-minded and support one another. No submission will be rejected unless it is hateful or a blatant copy. So, here's a bit about the group in a nutshell...
1. Preferred Submissions: Art sets, including dolls, abstracts, interiors/exteriors, collage, etc. as opposed to strictly editorial fashion sets but as stated above no submission will be rejected.
2. Contests will be held - some judged by moderators and some will be up for group vote.
3. Kindness and encouragement for everyone. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
If you have any questions please PM me!

Artistic Layers

Artistic Layers

A group for poly-artists who strive for complexity and depth in their work by layering multiple images to create an entirely unique piece of art. For those with boundless creative vision who embrace and support true originality. No fashion sets, & NO POLITICAL SETS please.
Let's inspire each other, challenge each other, and most of all, let's have fun! :)



Hello Ladies =D
This Group is for both ART and FASHION sets ... MUST be UNIQUE and CREATIVE sets... NO LESS than SUPER CREATIVE, ELEGANT and AMAZING sets...
So let me see your CREATIVITY...
Please JOIN and ASK your friends to do so...Everyone is Very Welcome ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

Express Yourself

Express Yourself

This group is created for people who need to express the feelings. And it can be done in the form of art.
Here for you wait, love and appreciate. Here your will accept and will understand such what you are. This place where you can "unburden the heart".


Have fun :)) 6

Have fun :)) 6

1,409 sets from 41 members. Ended three years ago.
join >>>art+fashion+anything no rules ;)..............have fun. lady meme

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