you just keep me hanging on // let me out, let me out, let me out

story inspiration
it's in it's very early draft stages
it's thundering and lightning out right now
"just a perfect day
you made me forget myself
i thought i was someone else
someone good"
perfect day // lou reed
"if you hate me,
hate me, hate me,
then hate me so good
that you can let me out,
let me out, let me out
oh, it's hell when you're around"
rootless tree // lou reed
"the sky looked strange today. all the grays that made it up were converging into one massive gray sky that consumed me. i lay down on the grass beside you and i saw the nothingness of the gray sky overcome me. i wondered if you saw it too, but i think you just saw the gray sky, way up there in the atmosphere, that had no chance of consuming you."
whatever i end up naming this // me
unnamed main characters
cliche setting
modified train of consciousness

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