Dr. Pamela Lillian Isley, EMH

8/8- Whenever there is a new edition to the crew, there's always training that must commence in order to view the abilities of the individual. Pamela must step up to the plate and work to her potential. 

"It's a pleasure to finally meet you, Pamela" Clint approached me, extending his arm. I glanced at his waiting hand, a moment passed before I shook in and smiled softly. "Though you look rather nice, is it suitable for the training you will endure?" he questioned.

"I can do absolutely anything in heels and a skirt, you musn't question my abilities, Mr Barton" I spoke, my eyes began to scan the large space that had been reserved for 'training'.

"Call me Clint" he corrected me, smiling gently and following my gaze towards the far wall. I began to eye the line of pot plants that were against the wall. "I heard you like plants, is that correct?" Clint asked, raising an eyebrow.

"You could say I have a strong love for nature" I nodded, my eyes not leaving the plants. 

"You're a greenie, that's cute" his smile grew, watching me, intrigued by my obvious fascination.

"What did you just call me?" I asked, looking directly at Clint and raising an eyebrow. 

A greenie? Is that an insult?

"As in environmental friendly" he tried to reassure me, smiling softly again. "Well, we musn't waste anymore time" Clint paused, "You don't need to hold back your strength, you'll be practising your skills on myself."

"I could kill you if I wanted" I stated to nobody in particular as I gazed into open space.

Clint laughed.

He doubted me?

How stupid of him!

"You can begin whenever your ready" Clint stated.

I threw a couple 'pety' punches in order to distract Clint; he fed on the bait and blocked each weak punch I threw. I smirked as the branches from the plants behind him wrapped around his arms, his legs and his torso. I made sure they were not too tight.

I'd hate to kill him so early in the 'training' session.

They began to pull him backwards toward the wall, he stumbled a little and his expression was utterly priceless. The shock, the horror, the confusion. All combined into one. Clint was pressed against the wall by the branches as he watched me with wide eyes.

"Ta-da!" I smirked, approaching him and crossing my arms over my chest. He opened his mouth but no words formed from his throat.

"How?" he managed.

"You have your arching abilities, I have my abilities" I shrugged, not allowing him to escape just yet.

"I understand that but how?" 

"There are some secrets that are left untold, this is one of them" I spoke calmly, allowing the branches to unravel and eventually take its natural form and size.

"That was unbelievable but it didn't hurt" he said, I laughed at such a ridiculous comment. 

"I could have strangled you slowly, allowing you to gradually suffer as the branches would tighten around your neck. Your chest" I spoke slowly, putting emphasis on the details. 

"Remind me to never anger you" Clint spoke, his breath had become irregular; perhaps he had held his breath.

"I'm sure you'll remember" 

I hope he'd remember.

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