"Smother" by Daughter

I wish that I could write like she does. And that one line from Smother, "I want him but we're not right"....It always stood out to me, so I wrote this poem:

i want him but we're not right
we're not complementary pieces
but fragile shards of glass
slowly tempered to perfection
just waiting to crack

i want him but we're not right
i see his face in my salt-stained dreams
sparkling like a diamond's hundred facets,
never dimming
always beckoning

i want him but we're not right
his name echoes through my war-torn brain,
a part of my consciousness that will never fade
making me wince
full of pain

i want him but we're not right
his armor is lusty and thick
a heavy burden that he must carry
wary of everyone else
i have none

Not that great, but I try :D Sometimes a song gets me in a particular mood. 

SO, IT'S BEEN AGES, I KNOW! School sucks, people suck, life sucks. BUT I'M ON SPRING BREAK NOW SO THINGS ARE BETTER! Last week was really terrible, between stressing out about housing for next year, people dragging up shit from the past that happened a while ago that doesn't really matter anymore, writing an essay practically every night, and dealing with uncomfortable revelations, this week was a b*tch haha. But I'm really glad that I have a week now just to do nothing! I really need that. So of course, I'm gonna be on poly every day! :D 

Let's see, the only exciting thing I have to report is I'M SEEING IMAGINE DRAGONS ON TUESDAY!!!!! It's literally going to be the best day ever, can't freaking wait omg
And tomorrow is the Oscars! I'm betting that either American Hustle or 12 Years a Slave will win best picture. Personally I think it should be The Wolf of Wall Street but sadly I'm not on the committee XD

So I will do my best to catch up with you all. Hope you haven't forgotten about me! Enjoy your weekend! Hugs ♥♥♥
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