I love Alice and Jasper
That kiss still is so adorable. 
I quite like this set tbh! I love those shoes
and that skirt I have wanted to use for a while now.

I went to see Eclipse today! 2:30pm [UK TIME].
 As we did last year for New moon, Me and my Daughter, went and bought several different, Eclipse merchandise! 
From Rubber bands with 'team Edward' and 'team Jacob' - to other things. 
This just being a thing we do for any Movie[s] we find worth it!. Such as harry potter. Twilight. And various other franchises. 


So Yeah. basically this is Eclipse Review!
If you haven't seen the movie. Don't Read on!

Overall i give the whole Movie a 4.5/5

I was glad that the Cullens were more focused on. And that Jasper was lot more Active in this Movie. I swear I just about swooned as he said Ma'am. 
Jasper and Alice, are just about the cutest couple in the Whole Saga. I love them.
I loved Charlie and his 'Talk' with bella. Billy Burke is without a doubt, the Best Charlie. they could not have been a better guy picked for him.

All the Scenes with Riley and the 'army' were terrific. 
I loved how 'normal' Riley was in the beginning [of him being human made this possible] and then how EVIL he looked as the vampire. I swear Xavier is so .... offt...amazingly hot!
The fact that they actually showed vampires feeding on people actually shocked me slight. I really loved it though
i'm quite glad that David Slade - kept the newborns slightly like his own Vampires in '30 days of night' minus all the blood in their faces and Fangs

Bryce! Meh. I can't really say i liked her. i mean yeah she tried her best. but NO I can't say i like her at all as Victoria. 
She was just .... not Rachelle nuff said

The Wolves - in my opinion - were great.
I loved Seth - he was so adorable and tehy showed of Seth and Jacobs Relationship well. how Seth looks up to Jacob - yeah I liked how it was did 
And the Council meeting was Amazing.

There was a lot more E/B moments and I was happy for that. I love E/B - I loved the meadow at the beginning. - "Marry me? No Marry Me? Change me?" 
BUT the Proposal Scene was okay. Cute. Good. Rob did amazing. I loved him in ity. Then again I love him altogether!. The Ring though. Ugh! thats the most ...*shudder* Lets just say i didn't like it...AT ALL... lol

When Victoria died! Hmm I didn't really like hoe the vampires died in this one. They looked kind of weird afterwards.
But at least Lighting up Victoria was kept in and we got to see Edward actually do it

When Jacob was hurt - i'm not going to lie. It was a shame [although its not weird its still a shame ] And then how Leah was still.all "I had it" and all that Bull. 

Overall I guess I really did Enjoy the movie!
Just some parts still disappoint me
. But like the - other two movies! - I knew Things would disappoint me!

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