~I Fight Dragons, Working {this band is amazing!! Please check them out! You can also download one of their whole albums FOR FREE on their site! <3}


It had been too long since my last Olivia set xD I adore this pop of color, especially that it's yellow, that Olivia used on the streets of NYC! She's just so trendy <3

SO I guess it's time for me to hardcore study since finals are coming up, like in 2 weeks... oh my gosh it's kinda scary! ah you may not see much of me, but I will come on when I can! 

OH ALSO for you guys wondering about NaNo (like @hijabikebabi).... well, it just didn't work out. I was really too busy with school and I just couldn't find the time everyday to write and then I got really behind and it sucks I really wanted to do it! BUT, the good news is, I'm seriously gonna try harder next year (plus I will have got one year of college under my belt and will hopefully manage my time better haha) AND the idea I had for this NaNo I think I'm gonna turn into a new MTW sort-of. Since my current MTW is nearly over (#sadness), I really want to work on this new idea, and obviously have more time to work on it. So if you all want to, I'll be posting it on Figment as I write new chapters and making sets, and tagging readers. It's just an idea. And it won't be MTW because MTW will forever be my first story (#Stephalexa) so this will just be a story. If you would be interested in reading that, please let me know! This is the synopsis, by the way, I haven't written very much yet.

"Twins Holland and Hudson Davenport are closer than close. Recent graduates from Newmount High School, the twins are on top of the world. Until the night of the hurricane, which has crept its way up the east coast to a full-blown tropical storm in Newmount. When Hudson sees someone drowning in the storm, he goes out to save him. But only one body returns, alive, and it's not Hudson. Holland goes into a deep depression and isolation, not going to college like she had planned to with her brother. She meets a boy, Beck, and he seems to be the only person that can help her find happiness again. But there are things about Beck that he can't seem to talk about either, some things more hidden than Holland's."

Thoughts? I know I really am kicking myself for not doing 50k for NaNo, but I hope someday it will work out. MTW is nearing 100k, but it's been over a year working on it. Anyway, I hope you all will still continue reading my writing because you guys are the best people for me to let read it right now! :)) Love you all! 

And also... Like @glitterinmyviens, I can now really celebrate Christmas, because it's after Thanksgiving! Yayyyy #THEMOSTWONDERFULTIMEOFTHEYEAR cannot wait for Christmas music and movies!!!
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