Dear whoever is reading this,

I'm so sick of people who hates my gorgeous queen Taylor Swift. I pity shallow people who think how all of her songs are about her boyfriends.
Taylor's like one of my favourite people ever and it freaking hurts me when people insult her. Just stop it already, please.

It's like, people always tell `it's your life, you can do whatever you want` but you can't really drop school and just go travel and meet people you actually like and spend the rest of your life reading, writing, listening to music you actually like, painting, watching night sky, drinking tea and simply living your dreams? I just want to escape and live my life the way I imagine it. I want to swim in every ocean and walk on every continent, yet I'm stucked in this small town, everyone's making pressure on my to choose my career even though I can't even choose what I want for dinner. I hate routine. I want to be f r e e , I want to be h a p p y .

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