follow my tumblr?(:

woah, hey polyvore. almost two months is a while. 

a lot has happened. i got a boyfriend, we've been together for a week now. so not a while, but i really like him. his name is sam, he's great. 

well, i'm officially signed up for high school. whoop whoop. i'm taking algebra 1, biology, world history, acting, gym, spanish, english honors. so yay(: only have two months left in school until summer! thank god. there was a food fight in the cafeteria yesterday and now we have assigned seats at lunch -.- and a BUNCH of teacher's constantly watching us. our school is horrible, i can't wait to get out! 

spring break starts next thursday and runs for 10 days, yaaay(:

omg, i read the perks of being a wallflower. it. is. so. great! (: 

life is going pretty good, i don't know how much i'll log on. i miss this place sometimes.

and jess doesn't log on anymore D:

i was considering making a taglist, but i don't think anyone would want to be part of it? 

anyways, byee(: 

- bea.
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