I'm sorry, but I am going to stir up some very intense drama in this set. I'm just warning you. Some of you might not be friends with Ella after this.

The Beach
The Sun
The Martini's...
And the boys.

We all like boys around Thames don't we? espcecially the ones we can't have. We all know about what's going on with Bree and Lucas right? We don't? Odd...I could have sword I caught the two together making out on our little trip to the beach. Come on girls. We all know that they two of them are major wh0res, and we all thought Kate was amazing and sh*t( well...you all did) because she stole Audrey's man. Well guess what Kate? It turns out that your "good thing" isn't so good anymore...or ever was. 

It all started when me, jolie, ari, and audrey were loungong in the sun in our new bikini's drinking Mai Tai's and margarita's. Jolie was going on about how Charlitte was jealous of her and how GG literally upstaged her saying that she was old news. To be honest, she is. I hate anyone who makes surprise apperances and acts like everyone is supposed to respect them. I come back in a few months, not a year and expect everything to be how it used to be for me. It just doesn't work like that sis. 

She'd gone out shopping that morning with Audrey, whereas Audrey was being swormed by paparazzi (good job Aud, I'm SO proud of you for your sucess) whereas Jolie wasn't. I know it hurts especially when your so used to scandal. 

But apparently some of us are less scandalous than others.

Like Bree

She came by the hotel that morning acting like she was the sh*t. But I guess I would act like that too if I had slept with Thames' latest man meat. 

Ari was all proud that Rupe asked for her hand in marriage, and that was so wonderful and all. I was talking about how It's so obvious that Munro wanted Aerin and how if the b*tch didn't back up she'd get her liteally smart aSS kicked by moi. And what the f*ck's up with Blake? He's a no-life. enough said, so low that he's trying to get an old peice of tail back. Gemma is probably dead and gone, but she got her aSS kicked by Bree in Paris last week.

I'm starting to slowly like Bree

Were quite alike.



We heard Kate come screaming and crying from around the corner, her cheap mascara running down her face. It was a disaster, but we all laughed.

"What's the matter? Break a nail or is it worse?" I asked.

"B...Bre...Bree and...and Lu..Lucas...."

"Bree and Lucas?" Ari said questionably.

Joile and Aud got interested soon after.

"Bree and Lucas were...were kissing..."


"Karma's a b*tch isn't it?" Aud said.

"I know right? And this morning in fact I saw them f*cking in the pool." I said.

I didn't know where thye f*cked, but they did it no doubt.

It all comes around.

I guess I'm the queen b*tch afterall


-Ella xxx
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