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Vol. 9 In the Disney Collections

*Unsatisfied with the immense amount of Disney princess inspired collections, I finally have decided to embark on my own. All will be Disney based, and after the first 11 official princesses I plan on doing more characters. Inspiration was drawn from the style of the film, and the personality of the character, rather than the exact looks of her outfits or even exact color.
So, I actually liked the Princess and the Frog, mostly just because Tiana was a great character. In my past collection [Mulan] I address the whole Mulan isn't the most feminist character despite what ignorant bumwipes have to say, and I'd like to say Tiana ups her by, well, not compromising her femininity as if that will make her stronger for one, BEING THE ONLY PRINCESS TO WORK and two jobs at least to boot, not giving a rats tail about the broke prince because that greedy horny jerk turned her into a frog, and never ever baking down on her restaurant owning dreams. I love her ambition. It's totally fantastic.
I also love that it's Louisiana in the 20s, which is naturally what inspired a good deal of her wardrobe. Art Deco, flappery dresses, cloches, beads, all that. And of course the requisite frog rings and florals. I through in some vaguely voodoo tidbits, and all around I tried to capture Tiana's strength but also her wardrobe in the movie, which is pretty soft overall [and so much GREEN. I added more colors to modernize it a bit.].
I may or may not do a Charlotte La Bouff at the tail end of the serious. Still have two more official princesses and like 10 other Disney girls [and one boy] to go.


Wrote three years ago
I love this collection! This movie makes me sad, because I know there might be a chance that Tiana's buisness might fail because it's right before The Great Depression

Wrote 4 years ago
love the Prada items. ♥

Wrote 4 years ago
So in love with your 'Disney Collections'

Wrote 4 years ago

Wrote 4 years ago
That is one of my FAVORITE quotes from that movie!!!
<3 <3

Wrote 4 years ago

Wrote 4 years ago
Nicely done.


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