Ladies, can I get applause for actually doing a tag, please?
I haven't done one in ages. Because I'm just...unorganized, I suppose.
Anyway, @semper-eadem tagged me and it looked fun and here we go.

That's me sitting there, although my hair is still pink. But some day I'll try turquoise, too. I do own a vintage pullover in mint I bought in Dublin and a black high waist skirt, sewn by my very own self.

The bag I use most these days is the Paul's Boutique Tilly Twister Bag on the very right, but I bough the middle one in London a few weeks ago as well and the gold one is already dead from overuse, so you can see I love them a lot. 
A friend once said it was unusual for me to have such a girly bag, which I think was a compliment ;) 
(Also, tons of people ask em whether I ♥ PB means Paderborn, which is a city in Germany, but of course it means Paul's Boutique and I always have to explain so it's kind of funny.)

In there we find my brand new PB purse, car keys, flyers, readers for uni courses, the book(s) I'm currently reading, in this case Neil Gaiman's 'American Gods', my Nightmare Before Christmas pencil case, mobile phone, iPod, often my pink Skullcandy earphones, emergency tampons, some loose painkillers, an emergency mascara and my black Moleskine notebook for novel notes. Also sunglasses and cough drops, because you get those in the uni cafeteria. 
Yep, that's probably it. 

I always find it super fun to find things I actually own on polyvore :) 

As for make up... it's not that exciting, so I didn't include it. I never go out withouth, though... I use concealer, powder, then do my trademark thick winged black eyeliner look and put on mascara. 
For going out, I like to try things out, but on on a daily basis, that's it. 

Aaaaana a Fun Fact: yesterday evening, Elton John played a concert in my hometown. I didn't go because it was expensive, obviously, but I secretly would have liked to go... because I do like his songs :)

Also, because I'm so awful at tags myself, I'm not tagging anyone.
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Wrote 4 years ago
Absolutely love it!!

Wrote 4 years ago

Wrote 4 years ago
This is so beautifulllllll

Wrote 4 years ago
I cant tell you how amazing and beautiful all of your dolls are. THEY ARE SO BEAUTIFUL and each one has so much detail and i love the outfits you make for them. They aren't just a photo or tubes you actually make their outfits from different pieces and make a work of art. they are so beautiful



DOLL LOVE (the d♡ll house)

DOLL LOVE (the d♡ll house)

Paper Doll Fashion Fanatic Artsy Makers, devoted to lovely dolls of all kinds. Super girly fun, quirky and cute ....[but boy dolls are always welcome in Doll Land] :)
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The Runaway Dolls

The Runaway Dolls

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Artists and Dreamers

Artists and Dreamers

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