.."Donald darling, another time then?" Renee purrs 

sweetly as he nods with a blank face. God he was 

such a block head. I stare down at my blackberry

storm with mere interest and sneak glances at Renee

wearing that tight red skirt that made her figure look

like one hot hour glass. She had offered to upgrade

me to the I-Phone 5 but if she did, I wouldn't be her

personal assistant any longer. I knew that she wanted

to fire me after that one night. God how I wish I could

take myself back to that bar... that hotel... that couch.

My phone bursts out playing Gaga Without You and

I scratch my beard slightly before answering. Cindy

begins talking a mile a minute at the other end and I 

roll my eyes. I glance over at Renee and she had 

magically moved from her chaise lounge to Donald's

lap. I clutch my phone tighter as she nuzzles his neck

and somehow manage to hang up on Cindy. Good.

I slip on my Gucci loafers and shuffle over to Renee

and tap her on the shoulder. She glances up at me

and gives me that dazzling lopsided grin of hers. With

bed head hair, and the smile she looks like a 

perfect VS model. She raises from Donald's lap 

without a stifle or a moan from him and rests her arms

on my shoulders. i stiffen slightly then relax at her

touch. "Lets get outta here." She says swiftly and 

walks over to her bag. I nod confused and grab my


[ TBC. Do you all like so far? ]
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