On Top Of The World~Imagine Dragons
She's Carmen, and I'm THE Bananananananana. Could it get more perfect than that!?
@julia-duze, when I saw this contest, I immediately thought of you.. and a couple more people, I'll admit [you know who ;)]. But when I read that it was for POLY-friends, I knew I just HAD to do this, babes. So, here it is! Hope you like it, lovely ^-^
Wowowowowow. In a few weeks, it'll be our one-year of meeting each other. ONE. YEAR. ONE. UNO. UN. אחד. некий. 한 [yeah, i used Google Translate. Sorry if I got a translation wrong!]. We've been through so much, dude, we really have. And quite honestly, I can't think of a favourite memory. I love talking gibberish online with you. I love bear hugs when we FINALLY see each other in person. I love sharing a bunk bed with you. I love eating chicken and potato at 1 AM. I love making coffee with you waaaaay past when we should [I'm talking past midnight, people]. I love jeans/pants, I love treehouses, I love docks, I love shirts from DC; I'd say that I love you, but I don't think that would express just how much you mean to me.
Miss Julia, you are a sister to me. I can NOT thank you enough for being there for me all the time, during the good times and bad; whenever I'm pissed, or have a silly crush, or need to vent, or even let out my embarrassment [echem#gymclass]. I don't care if you're too far for me to always rush to your home after school or something; I know that you'll always be there for me, and I for you.
I guess what I'm trying to say, really, plain out, is.. THANK YOU!!♡

Also, thanks 5,000 tons and 3,579 pounds to my followers, and those who support me. I appreciate you all so much, people of Polyvore; you are like a super fashionable, online family to me, the fashion role models and trend setters that one might see on the streets [or, if you're like me, the ones who hide their passion inside their rooms and sketchbooks!]. THANK YOU, everyone.
I really can't get tired of that word.
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