~Angels & Airwaves, Breathe {I just love this song and it's such a Hazel and Gus song to me <3}

http://8tracks.com/brunettesilhouette/some-infinities & http://8tracks.com/brunettesilhouette/stars-i-cannot-fathom (my TFIOS fanmixes, check them out!)

First, yes my new icon is me! I finally decided to have a profile icon that was myself, though I'll probably change it every once and awhile like I always do :)

SECOND, OBVI TFIOS WORDS ARE IN ORDER. THIS WILL CONTAIN SPOILERS IF YOU HAVE NOT SEEN THE MOVIE YET. I didn't really think a book-to-film adaptation could get much better than Catching Fire and The Perks of Being A Wallflower, but Josh Boone proved me wrong because TFIOS was FANTASTIC. It was definitely one of the best book adaptations I've ever seen and I am so glad it did the book justice. John Green created a beautiful story and it was so beautiful on screen, too. Shailene, Ansel, Nat... EVERYONE WAS SO PERFECT. I was in awe (and tears). I tried to keep my tears in for so long (my eyes watered basically the entire movie) but I think the part I lost it was when Gus was at the gas station. MY GOD ANSEL WAS FANTASTIC IN THAT SCENE. It was so powerful and sad and just wow. Also Hazel fighting with her parents, the pre-funeral, then when it said, just like in the book, "Augustus Waters died 8 days later..." I COULDN'T DO IT NOPE NOPE NOPE. I never usually full-out cry at movies and TV shows, just little tears or eyes watering, but this was on The Notebook and Titanic and Now Is Good level for me as far as crying level. Just wow. It was SO well done though. Heartwrenchingly perfect. I really don't know what else to say because I absolutely loved it and it drained me emotionally so that I can't watch it (or any even remotely sad movie) again for awhile probably. 

As for The Night Before Our Stars event, it was awesome. The poster we got is really cool and good quality and signed (photocopy) by Shailene, Ansel, Nat, and John. The bracelet was cool though it's pretty flimsy. THE LIVE STREAM WAS AMAZING. OMG John was hilarious and everyone was so great and Birdy and Nat & Alex's performances were perfect and Ansel comforting Shailene and omg I can't even. It was so great. Also it helped everyone not be so sad afterwords haha. Our entire theatre was sobbing. You could hear everyone and everyone clapped when Hazel told Van Houten to "F off" or something along those lines. AGH IT WAS JUST SO GOOD. So did you guys love it or did you love it??


ALSO I finished The History of Love finally last night!! @elsewhere69 it was amazing and so well done, loved how everything tied together and the unique way it was written. I made a fanmix for it here: http://8tracks.com/brunettesilhouette/made-of-glass anyway that also means I started The Maze Runner today eeeepp! Can't wait to really get into this series because the movie looks really good.

Have a great rest of the week everyone! Go see TFIOS if you haven't already! (Or X-Men: Days of Future Past or Godzilla, those were epic)

Much love!! <33 xx

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