- Full Name: Mordicai Jester Locke.
- Age: 17.
- Face Claim: Ash Stymest. 
- Bio: Mordicai - or Jester, as he prefers his middle name - ran away from an abusive home at the age of fourteen. Found at the age of fifteen by the heist society, Jester was thankful to be somewhere where he finally fit in.
- Personality: Not afraid to stand up for what he believes in or who he cares about, Jester's pretty loyal. Unfortunately, he does have a bit of a temper on him as well as a short attention span. He's loud, confident, and rather cocky when it concerns things he knows about. Otherwise he can be stubborn and quiet. When it comes down to it, he can be serious when necessary but usually prefers to be his ambitious, competitive self.
- Likes: {5}
♠ Fast cars.
♠ Shy girls.
♠ His "family." (A.K.A. The heist society.)
♠ He's got a weakness for cute animals.
♠ Explosives.
♠ Guns.
- Dislikes {5} 
♠ Alcohol.
♠ Clingy people.
♠ Being scolded.
♠ Deep bodies of water.
♠ People who drive slowly.
- Secrets: When he was younger, his father tried to drown him in the tub so now he's afraid of water.
- Specialties: He's an excellent driver. He's also rather skilled when it comes to explosives. On top of that, he's also very skilled when it comes to distracting people.
- How long have they been part of the Heist Society? About 2, almost 3 years now.
- How long have you been roleplaying? A while. lol
- Tag three friends @xxkiss-me-through-the-windowxx @emogirl2021 @emily-ocallaghan
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