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=NAME: Katherine "Kat" LePause {20}
LIKES: Starbucks, shopping, London, Harrods, Star Monroe, studying.
HATES: Bitchiness, Cynical people, stress
FROM: Stockholm, Sweden
Ever since she was discovered eating a muffin at starbucks, she has taken the fashion world by storm and has put journalists and designers in a frenzy. This girl definitely belongs in the world of fashion-too bad Katherine doesn't think so. She's only doing this job to pay off her University debts. She is an aspiring Doctor, but will someone please tell her she belongs in the world of jet setting, beauty and clothes. Is she going to change her mind and make it to the top? Or will she turn her back on her flourishing career and continue with her studies?
MODEL: Kristina Romanova
TAKEN BY: hellohellobaby

I made a guy when I auditioned for Bianca and I'd like to keep him. So, I'll change some details on his bio:

NAME= Adam Hyde {22}
FROM= London, England
Adam is a player. At frist, you think that he is a gentleman, but it's only a trick to get into your panties. With his looks and sexy accent, he can get any girl he wants. He works at his father's record company, as an agent of many artists, so he knows everything and everyone. He met Kat at a nightclub when he accidentaly spilled a drink on her dress. He liked her nice and sweet ways so he asked her out. But, once a player, always a player, he cheated on her and screwed everything. It happened a lot of times with him, but only this time he cared about the girl, so now he'll try to win her back. He knows he will, it's just a matter of time.
RELATIONSHIP STATUS= Trying to get back with Kat.
MODEL= James Franco


Hello girls, my name is Katherine but call me Kat. I like to meet new and nice people so introduce yourselves, I'm sure we can go grab coffee or shopping someday. (:
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