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My happily ever after story would be an "intern turned editor" type of thing. Right now, in terms of where I am in my life, being an intern would be a dream come true. In general, I think it is great for young people to have the opportunity to gain work experience, as by doing an internship, and learn all the skills necessary to be successful in the future, while dipping their toes into a field of interest. In the context of fashion, being an intern for a designer or a magazine will open your eyes to the world of fashion and allow you to get a first taste of an extremely fascinating industry. Also, being an intern will force you to step up to the challenges of such a demanding industry and will help you determine whether such an occupation would be right for you. And if it is right for you, an internship will open the door to greater possibilities and will help you work your way up towards a higher position, such as the position of Editor. 

For me, the perfect job in the fashion industry would be to be a magazine editor. As I am a bit of a perfectionist, I am always very particular about the layout of things, and pay close attention to detail. I am very visually-oriented and have an eye for what looks good. For example, when making projects, I agonize over the fonts, colors, and placement, and spend hours making sure everything looks perfect. Polyvore is the perfect website for me to utilize these skills, and on Polyvore too, I spend a lot of time working on sets until they look right to me. Thus, supervising a magazine publication's layout would be perfect for me, and I would thoroughly enjoy it! On the other hand, the writing/editing part of an editor's job would suit me just as well because I love to write, and I also actually enjoy editing works and am the type of person who revises a paper over and over until it is perfect. 

Okay, that was rather long, but this was such a great challenge, and it was rather fun to entertain myself with the thought of ever being an intern or an editor at a fashion magazine =)

What do all of you lovelies aspire to be? xx
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