You know how everyone always makes sets on what they love, and how they view something. 
Well, here is my challenge:
-Make a set on you.-
• Find a model who has your hair style, and hair type. (The model does not need to look like you) - - - Thick brown curly hair
• Find pictures of you favorite animals. - - - Owls, and Tortoises. (I have a lot more, but those are the main ones.)
• Favorite Activities. - - - Archery, Cello, Ballet, and Books.
• Something that is you. - - - I'm a "Wallflower", and all those other definitions.
• Optional: Personality type, favorite books, favorite color, favorite thing, etc. - - - I.N.T.J, Sherlock Holmes, the Bible :D (But I have other books that I love to read, but it would fill up this Description Box) Favorite color is, Black and White. and THE MOON!
I Tag: @enigmaticbutterfly @vanney1 @fromdistantshores @pursuit-of-loveliness @orbiting @summerrsun @lovelyrita @alexisthewanderluster @whitekirin @babytangerine @believerofhope @effloresce @irtis @kaleidoscopeeyes @marthamaxwell

Yes I re-made it.....
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