I headed down the pathway and into the party my best friend caroline invited me to. She said that i might meet someone and start dating again. As I walked up to my best friends the band on stage started playing favorite song " Kiss You" by my favorite band One Direction. I turned around and OMG IT WAS ONE DIRECTION RIGHT INFRONT OF ME! NIALL HORAN WAS SINGING INFRONT OF ME!
I turn around to my smirking best friend " your welcome!" she says hugging me and I am still unable to move as I thank her " once they finish the song maybe I can introduce you to the guys?" she said laughing at my reaction as I had to sit down for a minute to take it all in. The song finished and i flipped my hair and messed with my dress a little when my friend took my hand and led me to the side of the stage where One Direction were. " guys this is my best friend Sarah, Sarah this is Niall, Harry, Liam, Zayn, and Louis." she says smiling as I shake their hands smiling acting cool. " nice to meet you Sarah" they say smiling at me. 
Wow Caroline had just introduced us to her friend Sarah wow she was so hot her body was perfectly tanned and that red dress that was not too tight and not to short and her hair and just wow. Harry nudged me and whispered in my ear " man she's hot" i tensed up crap harry was going for her i would never get her. I whispered in his ear " yeah i know ive never seen anyone more beautiful in my life and i cant tell but she feels so nice and down to earth man" i whisper to him as Sarah talks to Liam " go get her mate!" harry says to me pushing me towards her as she finishes her conversation with Liam she looks at me and smiles " you want to get a drink?" i say refering to the bar "yeah id love to" she says smiling wow she's so cool i think to myself as i lead her over to the bar
" what may i get you two?" the bartender asks " beer please" we both say at the same time i turn smiling at her and she laughs as the bar tender hands us both a beer " so sarah how do you know caroline?" i ask her sipping on my beer. "well we've been best friends since pre-school back in America and we kind of drifted apart in college and about 2 months ago we met again because I was looking for a job in England as a band manager but i didn't get it and we had coffee and caught up" she said slightly frowning " are you still looking for that job because we could use a band manager ours quit last week and we have been interviewing and you could come in for an interview monday morning we have the weekend off after tonight" i said smiling hoping she would say yes "wow i would love to your so great thank you so much Niall" she said pulling me into a hug " no problem! So did caroling invite you to stay on the island for the weekend too?" i ask her. " yeah i will be here all weekend then monday i guess i'm taking the first flight to London!" she says excitedly. Yes i think to myself now I have the weekend with her I think to myself " what villa are you in? Ours is about five minutes away form here just down by the beach" I ask her. " oh mine's right next to yours it's on the beach too just to the right our pools are the only one's on the island that look like that you know they over lap!" she says smiling wow her smile and her blue green eyes were so amazing. We talked for what seemed like forever until everyone was gone. " I guess we should head back" she said laughing. wow she had a great laugh I though to myself as I walked her back to her villa " I had a great time tonight I hope to be seeing you tomorrow?" i say not wanting to leave her " yeah I had the best time thank you so much again for everything your a great guy" she said. we leaned in our faces inches apart as our lips were about to meet " NIALLER TIME FOR BED LETS GO!" Louis screamed from the window of their villa "ahh" i say madly " its fine I guess I will see you tomorrow?" she says letting go of my hand and opening her door " yeah good night sarah" i say smiling wishing we could have kissed " night" she says smiling before she closes the door as I run over to our villa to kill Louis and tell the guys all about Sarah.
Wow I couldn't believe my luck I though to my self changing into my little black bikini for a midnight swim before bed. I kept thinking about Niall as I pulled my hair into a pony tail and opened the double doors that led to my overlapping pool. The warm breeze against my body felt amazing as I stood listening to the beach and the waves when I hear another pair of doors open and close next door. I look over to see Niall in a pair of red swim trunks and wow his abs and his muscles I could see in the moon light we both laugh " I guess we had the same idea" he says smiling "wanna come over" he says gesturing to his pull "yeah thanks" i say opening my gate and walking down the lit up path as Niall opened the gate letting me in 
Wow Sarah had the most amazing body it was perfectly tanned and her skin so smooth looking and her black bikini showed all that off including her breast which too were fantastic we both walked into the pool as I watched her go under as I followed her I opened my eyes under the water to see her gracefully swimming ahead of me as I followed her to the edge of the pool and we both came up for air " the sound of the sea is so flaming isn't it" she said closing her eyes " yeah it relaxes me in a way" i say not taking my eyes off of her as she opens them and stares into mine " your eyes are amazing " i say leaning into her she leans closer into me pressing her fit body against mine " your eyes are too" she says as we both lean in and our lips finally meet and I get a taste of her soft sweet lips we stay like this for what seems like forever making soft sounds and our hands traveling each others bodies as she rubs her hand through my hair and down my torso and I run my hand up her shirt and down her legs causing her to making a soft sound as we break apart and stay togeather forever in each others arms until we know its time to part we kiss again and get into our own beds falling asleep think about each other.
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