You might want to think twice before messing with me, hun

Name;; Aurora Callie Simmons
Age;; N i n e t e e n
Group;; Loopers
Appearance;; Miss Taylor Swift. She has flowing, straw coloured hair that falls in waves halfway down her back. She has sky-blue eyes with rings of indigo and flecks of silver. They are surrounded by thick, sooty lashes. (Mostly looks like the first pic). she is tall and slim, with all the right curves. She has porcelain skin, an upturned nose and rosebud lips. She often wears tight black tank fps, plaid shirts unbuttoned over the top, skinny jeans and combat boots.
Job;; Looper/Assasin
Family;; All dead. What a shame. Except her brother, Joe.
Friends;; Meredith and Fair
Personality;; She is sarcastic, dark and hostile. To her friends, she warms up slightly, but everything for her rests on first impressions. If you at first seem weak or needy, she will not speak to you ever again. She has a strong personality and is flirty and seductive. Boys fall at her combat-boot-clad feet 24/7, but she couldn't care less.
Biography;; Aurora was the first female Looper, and the youngest one, starting aged 14. Too young? Too bad. She was raised by Abe as his own daughter, because she was an orphan. She had an older brother, Joe (the main character in the film), whom she rarely sees. She is a ruthless killer, and has a silver fob watch identical to her brother's. Her kill list is longer than everyone else's. Nobody knows she has kept all her silver bars in a basement in her apartment where no one can find them.
Sample RP;; Sweetie, I'm the owner. I don't need to.
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