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“Good Morning Princess.” Uncle Jack chimed as I walked into the living room on Monday morning.
“God, are you still sleeping on the couch?” I asked him good humorously “you do know I have a guest room, two of them in fact.”
“You mean your letting me stay?” he mock gasped.
“Well duh, if I wasn’t we both know you would have been gone by now.”
“Hmm.” The rest off his response was cut off by the beep of my phone. I was guessing it was that gossip girl or whatever she called herself, annoying but she didn’t know much about me, and I was by no means the worst of the girls anyway.

So the truth finally comes out! I lost the bet, your problems are far more complicated than what I was guessing. Uncle Jack eh? Have I told you I'm a fan of older men? It's true ;)

I laughed out loud when I read the message, this blogger had absolutely no clue how complicated my problems are. And uncle Jack? Really who would wanna do him. Gross.
“What’s so funny Princess?” He asked me
“Anonymous Blogger.” I told him
“A what?”
“Like the agency’s gossip girl.”
“You have one of those? Lame.”
“Yea, and apparently she likes older men, you in particular.” I laughed. “Anyway I gotta go. Nylon shoot.”
“Whatever that means, sure.” He told me “Just watch out. Ryan’s become a bit obsessed.”
“Really, I hadn’t noticed.” I stated dryly, “I’m a bi girl I can handle myself uncle Jack.”
“Maybe,” he called out after me “but I still called in reinforcements.”

I rolled my eyes as I got in the elevator, whatever that meant I would deal with it later.

xx Rach

Ha rach is such a loner, only talking to her uncle :P. This was SUPPOSED to be Gwen Stefani (you probably couldn't tell) but it's such an epic fail, it looks more like a rebellious school uniform. It was nice, not using those Moxsie shoes, they're pretty much all I've used since Saturday. Night xx

PS I LOVE that pic of rdj, don't you???
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