"WEDNESDAY, JAN 22 There's an art exhibition for up and coming artists at Dartmouth, everyone's invited. Boring, we know which is why Alec VD Smith is having an after party. Don't worry about being classy, because this party will be anything but classy."

I left the art museum of Dartmouth, champagne in tow on one hand. The moisture from the morning was present in the evening, swelling up the air in a humid, wintery breeze. Luke snickered as he waited for me to hail the driver to Alex VD Smith's apartment. "Why can't we just walk there?"

"Are you crazy? I am NOT walking in these heels," I rolled my eyes, as I took his hand as we stepped into the black BMW. 

"Why are we here, anyways?" He asked, as we settled ourselves inside.

I rolled the shades and waved goodbye to one of the artists I had conversed with a few hours earlier, blowing a kiss. I turned to Luke. His blue green eyes glistened in the darkness of the car. Oh God, he looked so handsome in his suit tonight. He wasn't even trying. I leaned my head on his shoulder and closed my eyes, "Because. Friends, Luke."

"You know, Regina, sometimes I think you are the only one who enjoys this."

"What do you mean?" I asked, puzzled. "You know I don't enjoy it as much as you do."

"Then why? Why do we go to all of these boring events together?"

I looked at him, taken aback. "Because..." I whispered, lacing my hands into his, "I love you." I smiled, all cheesy. He smiled back.

"OK," I said, letting go. I could feel the pull of his heart getting closer to me, but not too close. "Hey, let's go." I said, looking out the window to see Alex's residence at the other side of the campus. "Come on!" I said, throwing open the door. I waited, as he stepped out grudingly. 

We breezed past the couple making out on the first floor, past the steps that lead to Alex's room. Confetti littered the ground after a day of looking at boring "expressionist" art. The bore of listening to someone drone on and on about how expressive and innately human their art was suddenly washed away, and was replaced by a true, human feeling of excitement. I wanted to run faster to Alex's room, but Luke was staggering behind me.

I waited near the door, littered with metallic pieces of paper, making sure that Luke was by my side. "How do I look?" I asked, making sure that everything was perfect before we entered. "Hold on!" I said, re-applying another layer of lipstick. "You look fine," he said, "But I can't wait until tonight is over."

"Oh shut up!" I smirked, "Just smile, like we always do."

I opened the door cautiously. Everyone turned our way and I brushed back a piece of blonde hair and smiled. They smiled back at us. "Hey!" I said, in a high voice. I ran over the Alex and hugged him, "So glad we could make it, I haven't seen you since forever! I brought this," I said, giving him the bottle of Rose Chardonnay wrapped in a pink ribbon. I smiled, looking over at Luke, "This is my boyfriend, Luke."

"Nice to meet you," Luke said, shaking his hands, "Nice party you have here," He gave a warm smile.

"Thanks," Alex said, "The alchohol's over there. Have fun."

"Thanks!" I said, in a chippery voice. I turned to Luke as Alex left, "Hey. We've got to pace ourselves around the room to make ourselves noticed before we settle for one place for the night. Remember..."

Luke smirked, "Try not to get too drunk. I know."

I grinned, as I took a glass of champagne in one hand. A clearly buzzed girl was making her way towards us, laughing way too hard. "Regina! Heyyy! Fancy seeing you here." I tried not to laugh at her hideous cheeta-print dress, trashy red nails, and sky-high hooker shoes bought from the costume store, my champagne almost spitting out of my lips. Yes, tonight would be a very long night.

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