name; Alexander "Xander" Mulciber
age; 17
requested house. Slytherin
blood status; pure
patronus; tiger
boggart; the dark lord
personality; Xander's your average charismatic, sarcastic, flirty, clever, fun Slytherin. He's got a reputation for having a different girl on his arm every week, but they're becoming a bit boring to him. What he really wants is a challenge, someone who could who can hold his attention for more than a few days. He hates being judged by family and what house he's in. Shouldn't house prejudices be gone by now? Harry Potter's son is in Slytherin, for Merlin's sake.

bio; He was born into a family that lost everything in the past two wizarding wars. Mulciber's not a regal, rich name like Black or Malfoy. His family has worked long and hard to get where they are now and he respects him for that. Xander has grown up with his parents brooding over him, trying to make him look presentable and all these stupid things. Although, he loves and cares for them, he's grown to resent the things that they do and wish for. He puts on a mask for them. He would never wish to upset them, but nor does he want their dreams to come true.

No one's ever seen him at his most vulnerable or weakest. Xander's made sure of that. He's guarded; but doesn't show it. He puts up a facade of sarcasm and flirting. He distracts himself with things he sees as normal: girls and quidditch and studies. It's worked all this time, but the question is how long until he cracks?

Xander doesn't really care about the family legacy. He honestly thinks it's a bit ridiculous. Especially after everyone practically worships Harry Potter now. He likes to think everyone's on the same page now. That everything important is school, having fun, and living life. His parents are a bit insufferable, though after one of his tangents on how the dark lord's never coming back they've shut up about it. But now that's someone else is rising in power, they've gotten more excited. Xander's just trying to go to school and forget about it. It's just really hard to play quidditch (chaser, please?) and do homework when you're going insane with nervousness.

model; Ian Somerhalder
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