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NWH: the next generation

+ name; Elizabeth Marie Cunningham 
+ nickname; Lizzie
+ age; 17
+ likes; student council, reading, being the oldest, eating healthy, formal events, being organized, shopping, ballet, a little champagne every once and awhile, fashion
+ dislikes; excessive drinking, partying, playboys, dirt, plaid, fake blondes, failing grades
+ personality; Elizabeth is a naturally pleasant person, but she can be a bit snobby at times without really meaning to. She was raised in a wealthy family, just like her mom, and therefore takes after her mom in the personality department. She’s very sweet, kind, and charitable but when something irritates her or gets in her way, she can seem quite PMS-y. Overall Elizabeth is nice to be around, but every once and awhile you might want to stay away.
+ appearance; Elizabeth gets her wavy golden hair and her natural glow from her Mom, but gets her height from her dad. She has a lithe body, which she gets from dancing competitively, and her muscles are the kind that look good on a girl. She’s one of the prettiest girls in Tree Hill, as Riley is one of the hottest guys, yet they don’t look all that much alike. But the Cunninghams have good genes, in any case.
+ style; One thing Elizabeth always gets happy about is fashion. She’s always up with the trends and organizes the high school fashion show for charity every year. Her family having money, Elizabeth has been spoiled with all the designer brands and fashion books, easily following in her mom’s footsteps for a chic/modern prep/romantic girly look. 
+ family; Elizabeth’s extremely close with her mom because they have so much in common, but occasionally do get in the normal mother-daughter fights over this or that. She respects her dad very much, but she isn’t as close with him as her mom because they don’t like all the same things, though they both share a love for reading and writing. Riley, her little brother, however, is another story. Elizabeth and Riley got along when they were younger, but ever since her Riley hit puberty, he’s despised Elizabeth because she became the “perfect one” and so he automatically assumed he was supposed to become the “bad seed.” Elizabeth can’t stand the way Riley doesn’t care about everything, and the way he barely even acknowledges their parents anymore. Deep down Elizabeth feels sorry for him and wishes she could help, but she knows he won’t listen to her. He might, however, listen to one of his best friends and their cousin, Matt. Elizabeth tolerates Matt more than you would think, mostly because they’re both in the uber popular crowd, though on different spectrums. But Matt’s twin sister Emma is Elizabeth closest friend, and they do nearly everything together since their brothers are always off getting into trouble. Elizabeth loves her aunt and uncle, Matt and Emma’s parents Ava and Marcus, and even if she doesn’t know half of her mom’s side of the family since they rarely see them, she is a very family-friendly person.
+ past/current relationships; While Elizabeth has had her share of high school boyfriends, none of them have been that serious. She always picks out the gentlemen of Tree Hill, nice handsome guys, but none of them were that special and they all sort-of blended together. Elizabeth is hoping maybe senior year she’ll find someone worth sticking with, and maybe that someone is a guy with a little edge to him, something Elizabeth might just end up falling for, though she doesn’t expect it.
best friends; Elizabeth has a lot of friends considering she is president of student council and does a lot for the high school and the Tree Hill community. She’s also considered a “popular” but more one of the populars who are actually nice and talk to everyone, not just other populars. Her best friend is her cousin Emma, but she is also close with people on student council and the girls in her ballet class. She doesn’t really have any friends as close as Emma because she hasn’t known anyone as long as Emma (since birth), but plenty of girls certainly want to be Elizabeth’s BFF.
+ bio; Elizabeth is the model daughter. She gets the grades, brings home the most polite guys in Tree Hill, doesn’t get into trouble, and nearly always does what she is asked, unless her gut tells her different. She can be a little snobby, but that comes with her family background of having money and being privileged. But generally Elizabeth is a people-pleaser and is really outgoing, always being spotted at formal Tree Hill events, concerts, auctions, dances, fashion shows, football games, etc. Although Elizabeth’s brother Riley is not who she wants him to be, Elizabeth takes pride in her famous family and strives to follow in her mom or dad’s footsteps. She’s ready for senior year, and hopes to steady herself in something she really loves.
+ dating status; Single
+ looks; Romee Strijd

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+ name; Riley Thomas Cunningham
+ nickname; Ry
+ age; 16
+ likes; soccer, drinking, partying, hooking up, breaking the rules, his Dad’s old Mustang, messing with his sister, being the school’s designated “hot bad boy”
+ dislikes; school, living in Elizabeth’s perfect shadow, wearing suits, staying on campus for lunch, being the baby of the family, formal events
personality; Riley is very sarcastic and his sense of humor can be quite dark, but people still laugh with him because they think maybe that will make him like them. But Riley is not exactly a friendly person. He’s popular because he just is, not because he particularly wants to be. But popularity does have its perks, and gets Riley the attention he wants when the time calls for it. Ultimately Riley likes to be alone, considering he hates big crowds, which accompany his family nearly wherever they go ever since his dad got famous. Riley doesn’t like being the spotlight for good things. But he does like being known for the bad things.
+ appearance; Riley is definitely a Cunningham. He’s tall with a sharp jaw, and has sandy blonde hair like his dad. His dark eyes are from his grandparents, but he got his smile from his mom. Even though he plays soccer, he’s almost got a swimmer’s body, with muscular arms and torso. He looks enough like Elizabeth, but they don’t exactly like to be seen together so it’s hard to really tell.
+ style; True to his bad boy image, Riley has a black leather jacket that he wears everywhere. Under that he mostly wears T-shirts and thermals, nothing too special. Jeans are the norm, occasionally corduroys, but he absolutely hates shorts. And he will never go near open-toed shoes.
+ family; Riley does not get along with his older sister Elizabeth very well at all. The two could not be more different, and since Elizabeth is actually quite a lot alike her parents, Riley also does not get along with his parents very well either. He eats meals them whenever he happens to be home, and he goes to events with them because they make him, but he doesn’t like to be seen with them because they hurt his “bad boy” image. Riley doesn’t necessarily dub himself a bad boy, but everyone knows it and he knows how much he doesn’t fit it in with his perfect family. He’s closer with his Mom than his Dad because she’s less in the spotlight than him, but he still doesn’t confide in her as often as she would like. Elizabeth and Riley fight a lot, but usually Riley just ignores her and moves on before she’s even done screaming at him for this or that. His family thinks he acts too ungrateful, because he has so much and doesn’t appreciate it, but Riley of course doesn’t care. The only person in his family he really cares to be seen with is his older cousin Matt because Matt and him sort-of share the same mentality. Riley gets along better with Matt’s twin sister Emma better than his own sister, which irritates Elizabeth even more since Emma and Elizabeth are best friends.
+ past/current relationships; Riley is not the dating type, and therefore has never really had a definite “relationship.” He’s brought lots of girls home of course, but most of them don’t exactly meet his family. When he was little he had a huge crush on a girl named Francis Barker but Francis moved away and Riley never forgot the first girl who broke his little heart. Half the girls at school would die to be Riley’s girlfriend, but he’s more the hook-up type, not sticking with a single girl for very long.
+ best friends; Although he’s older and thinks he’s “cooler”, Riley’s cousin Matt is one of his best friends. They go to the same parties, attract the same type of girls, do the same type of things, and have the same attitude on life. As for other friends, Riley prefers to be a bit of a loner, hating people that annoy him, which can be anybody. He hangs out with some guys, a couple that he’s goes places with, like this guy Wallace Packerman, but other than that, Riley kinda goes solo because really, he doesn’t need anyone.
+ bio; There’s always that one bad guy in school that everyone tries to stay away from because he just radiates trouble and seems to screw up people’s lives for no reason. But then there’s always another bad guy who’s so attractive and sarcastic that everyone flocks to him just because they can’t resist. Riley is the perfect bad boy combination of both. He’s popular because of his family, and he’s a bad boy for reasons unknown. His older sister Elizabeth is the pure image of everything he hates about high school, and ignores her most of the time. Most people barely even remember he’s Elizabeth’s sister unless it’s brought up. He spends most of his time finding trouble or creating it, and for some reason half the girls (who are naturally enemies of Elizabeth) fawn all over him. He’s definitely not hard to look at, and couple that with his rich and famous family, and Riley’s automatically a catch. Unfortunately he could care less and does basically whatever he can to show people that’s he’s not like his sister or his parents.
+ dating status; Single, but the female population of the school could say something about that.
looks; Mikus Lasmanis

-I will probably post stories half in Elizabeth's POV, half in Riley's, but make them Elizabeth sets because it's harder to make guy sets and Romee has way more pictures than Mikus. 


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