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Emma Shirley Roberts

Christmas Eve:

After witnessing Jake propose to Daz and staying past midnight, Travis and I said our goodbyes to everybody and decided to just walk back to our apartment.

It was nice, you know? Having someone you could walk in complete silence with, knowing the silence wasn't an awkward one, or one that would make either of us feel uncomfortable. The silence was rather... comforting.

It wasn't silent for long, though. Travis always had thoughts racing in his mind and sooner or later, he would blurt something out.

"I need your help." He sighed.

I turned to him with a curious look. "With what?"

"Sarah's getting attached."

I almost choked on... air. I wanted to laugh. "What?"

Travis sighed. "Merry Christmas, right?"

"I don't know what to tell you..." I chuckled awkwardly. "That's what you get for bringing her around on like, dates, or whatever."

"I'm trying to cut off all my ties with her right now. As if New York City isn't full of dealers, you know?"

"That shouldn't be a thought in your head." I rolled my eyes. "Anyway, good luck with that. You didn't really like her to begin with, then?"

"She was just my dealer. I don't get attached."

"Not with dealers?"

"No. That's just bad."

I shrugged. "I wouldn't know."


New Year's Eve:

Instead of going out and watching the ball drop live and being a part of that hectic crowd, the guys and I decided to throw our own little party in the apartment. Before the stores closed earlier in the day, Trav and I made sure to get as much booze as possible.

"Think this is enough?" Travis set down the multiple bags of alcohol we had bought and I even set some more down.

I laughed and nodded with a grin. "More than enough."

"If you don't mind, the guys are bringing a few grams..." He said slowly.

I looked at him warily.

"Ems! It's New Year's Eve! I will stop it in 2011, or at least try to lessen it. Yeah?"

"Yeah, yeah, yeah." I shrugged. I knew Travis wasn't reckless with it so I didn't mind. Plus, it was an occasion. Who was I to be all tight and act like authority?

Once nine o'clock came, people were rolling in. I didn't know how many we actually had invited until I saw them all in the little apartment.

I spotted Libby and Ace a little far away but immediately rushed to them and grabbed Libby's hand. "Happy New Year!"

"Happy New Year girl!" She hugged me tightly. "I've missed your face."

"I've missed yours! And you two being all cutesy and whatever." I hugged Ace as well.

"Well," Ace nudged me, "we'd stay and talk but Travis is calling you over there. We'll get drinks."

I turned around and noticed Travis waving towards me. "Thanks, Ace. I'll see you guys later!" I smiled and headed over to where Travis was.

"Hey!" He said when I was near. "Are there any more people coming?"

"Not that I know of?" I shrugged. "Did you invite anyone else?"

"No, but look who just walked through the door." He raised his eyebrows and I just turned around.

There was Nick with a couple of his friends, alcohol in hand and the other in his pocket. I felt a smile creeping up to my face and Travis poke me.

"You can stop being so obvious about stuff, you know. Go over there already."

I chuckled and walked over to the door. "Hey guys. Nick." I smiled.

The guys all gave me smiles, some hugs before clapping Nick on the shoulder and heading off. Nick just gave me a hug. "Hey. Happy New Year."

"You're early, but Happy New Year to you, too." I hugged him back. I led him back to where the band was and they were all getting along.

It was already past eleven and everybody was either smashed, more than tipsy, high or both. I could tell it was already going to be a good night, a good New Year's Eve.

I was sitting down between Travis and Nick on the couches, and Travis had just handed me the bong and I surprisingly took a hit. I saw Daz staring at me wide-eyed, along with Newt, before hugging me and laughing hysterically. I think they were too drunk to care.

When it was close to the countdown, I felt my phone buzzing in my pocket. Travis turned the television onto the channel that was showing the ball drop, and the countdown, and I slipped my phone out of my pocket.

Two people who are meant to be together will eventually find their way back in the end. Happy New Year, Ems. I love you.

I stared at it in silence for the longest time - drunk and high - tripping out and confused.

"5, 4, 3, 2, 1.... HAPPY NEW YEAR!" Everybody in my apartment cheered.

I felt Nick's breathing close by and I only looked up. "Happy New Year, Emma." He said with a smile.

I couldn't help but grin. "Happy New Year, Nick." I said and shared my New Year's kiss with Nick.

* * * 

The next morning, the apartment wasn't as trashed as I thought it would be, but Travis was sleeping on my lap and the guys were scattered all over the floor along with beer cans and a few baggies.

Travis was slowly waking up and I heard his phone ring. I grabbed it from the table and slapped Travis. "Your phone, silly."

He opened the text message and I could see it from my angle.

Happy New Year, bro. Hope you started 2011 right. Take care of Emma for me.

I was confused.

"Take care of Emma for me?" I blurted.

"Why are you reading my texts?!" Travis groaned.

"You should read mine." I threw him my phone and he opened the text I got from Ivan last night.

Travis rolled over a bit and turned his head to me. "What a weird kid..."

"Yeah, man."

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