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"Hey," Gav said as I opened the door to my hotel room. I watched as his eyes ran along my body before he murmured, "Holy shi.t."
"What's wrong?" I asked, biting my lip and cocking my head to the side. I was pretty sure I knew exactly what he meant though.
"Nothing at all..." He trailed off, his eyes still scanning my body. God, the way he looked at me made me want him so badly.
"Are you sure?" I grinned, running my tongue over my lips before grabbing my clutch from the small table next to the door. As much as I was tempted to just rip off all his clothes and him the first place I could because of how sexy he looked right now, I was actually excited for this date. It had been a long time coming and I really couldn't wait anymore.
"Yes. look incredible Cara."
I felt myself blush at his compliment, leaning into him and giving him a soft kiss before pulling back and shutting the door. "Thanks." We began to walk down the hall and he took his hand in mine, squeezing it lightly and making me smile even more. So much of this seemed so surreal, I never thought I would end up dating Gavin and I definitely never thought I would be doing so and actually be so f.cking happy with him. "You don't look so bad yourself..." I said, looking down at his perfect body once again. He was wearing a blazer and dark jeans, both of which fit him perfectly... and kind of made me want to him right this second.
"Not as good as you. Trust me." He smirked, leaning into my body as we got into the elevator, kissing me much harder this time... not that I had a problem.
I moaned softly against his kiss, but pushed him back, knowing that the elevator doors would open soon. And it wasn't that I didn't want people seeing us, but I wasn't sure I'd really want to stop kissing him if I didn't do it now. "Well anything you might think you're lacking in looks you certainly make up for in your kissing skills..." I trailed off, smirking as I leaned in and gave him a soft kiss, honestly unable to resist. In no way did I think his looks were lacking at all, but it was definitely true that he was an amazing kisser. I swear, his kisses were better than some sex I'd had. And I realized how insane that sounded.
"Yet you stopped me," He spoke, his arms wrapping tightly around my waist and pressing my body up against his. Ugh, how was I even supposed to get through an entire meal without f.cking him?!
I grinned, pulling back as the elevator opened into the hotel lobby. "If I kept kissing you, we'd get nowhere and you seemed to be all set on this date thing so I stopped before we got carried away."
He looked at me as I smirked, shaking his head and laughing. His arms wrapped around my waist as we headed towards the door. "Oh, so it was all for me?"
"Mhmm," I murmured, biting down on my bottom lip and nodding. "So, where are you taking me?"
"My favorite restaurant."
"How telling," I teased, looking up at him. "Does this restaurant have a name? What kind of food is it? Who's place is it closer to so I know where we're going after dinner so I can finally you?"
I watched Gavin's eyes widen and it made me smirk. I knew that it was driving him crazy waiting to finally have sex, but in my defense I'd totally go back to my hotel room right now and him if he wanted. "You're going to kill me Cara..."
I smirked as we walked outside to the parking lot, where Gav led me towards his car. "Well that doesn't give me anymore information."
He let out a breath, grinning as he shook his head. "Do you like Thai food?" He asked, coming up to the car.
We both got in and I buckled up before turning to him. "I love it." I grinned, his hand slipping into mine again and making me smile. During my time in Hollywood it was kind of hard to ignore the countless tabloid pictures of the one and only Gavin Coopers with a different girl every night, but I couldn't think of a single one where they were holding hands. Maybe it wasn't really that big of a deal, but to me it kind of was.
"Good." He squeezed my hand, pulling out of the hotel parking lot. "Hey can I ask you something?"
I turned towards him, nodding. "Of course." 
“….did I hurt your relationship with your sister?” 
I blinked, taken aback by his serious question. "What?"
He turned a corner, swallowing thickly. “Ari and her sister don’t get alone either. Now in Ari’s defense her sister is an evil…..but that doesn’t mean she’s not her family…..I don’t know I see how much it hurts Ar…..If I had a family I think I’d do anything to be good with them.” 
“Gavin whatever happened between us? Was her fault. Not yours," I told him seriously, not wanting him to feel like he hurt my relationship with Sofia because that wasn't the case at all. She had f.cked up by not telling me what happened between her and Tom. Plus, we were already talking again and things were going back to normal. Also, he had just sounded really really adorable.
“Well… shouldn’t stay mad at her for too long is all. You’d regret it.” 
I smiled at how much he seemed to care as we turned into the restaurant. "Don't worry baby. I never stay mad at anyone for too long."
He backed into a parking space on the street near a restaurant that I'd never heard of. It definitely wasn't what I was expecting, and clearly Gavin had read that on my face as I turned to him. "Hey do you want five stars and valet parking or do you want good food?"
I grinned at him. "I just want you," I said softly, meaning it completely.
“I'm already yours," He answered, squeezing my hand again before pulling away to get out of the car. God, I liked him so much...
Gavin was at my side opening my door before I even had the chance to, making me grin as I got out and cuddled up against him. His arm was wrapped tight around my shoulder as we headed towards the restaurant, which might not have been a well know spot, but was definitely packed. "You're being super cute tonight baby..."
"Me?! No way," He said, but a smile was on his face. 
I stopped walking right before we walked inside, both of us standing right outside the restaurant's doors. I turned so that I was facing him better and looked into his gorgeous eyes. "I'm so lucky..."
Gav reached out and pushed my hair back behind my ear, kissing me softly but looking kind of uncomfortable, which I really hoped wasn't due to the fact that he seemed to to think I deserved so much better than him or something. He didn't realize how amazing he really was, which was surprising considering how cocky he had been when we'd first started talking. "Are you trying to distract me from actually going into the restaurant? I thought you were finally ready to go out with me in public," He joked.
"I'm more than ready for every single person to see us together," I said more seriously. I was cautious before, wanting to be sure that we were going to work out before I risked taking a relationship public that could end up with me labeled as a cheater. I knew Gavin didn't agree, but I don't think he really understood either. I wasn't some huge Hollywood star and my reputation was really important right now. But I was more than serious about us and I was at the point where I wanted people to know about us. 
"Good," He answered simply, both of us starting towards the restaurant again. Gav gave his name to the hostess, who clearly recognized him and was trying not to show it as she led us to our table. She DEFINITELY noticed the fact that we were holding hands though and I was sure that before even left the restaurant she would be calling some gossip company to tell them the details. 
I looked down at my menu, trying to pay attention but feeling Gavin's eyes on me the whole time. I looked up at him and bit my lip. "What are you looking at?"
"Nothing..." He trailed off, a sexy smirk on his face that may have made me a little wet. I definitely had the hottest boyfriend ever.
I stood up from my seat and moved to his, sitting on his lap and wrapping my arm around his neck, leaning down to press a hard kiss against his lips. When I was around him, I felt like I always wanted to be touching him. I pulled back after what could have been seconds or minutes.. I honestly didn't know. "Was that a little inappropriate?" I asked quietly, a blush forming on my cheeks. I would usually never do this... but everything was so different with Gavin. Everything.
"I don't care," He said, leaning in to kiss me again. Ugh, I swear his kisses drove me crazy. He drove me crazy.
"We're going to be on every tabloid tomorrow." And for the first time ever, I honestly didn't care at all. It was only about us.
He smirked, shaking his head. "I don't care about that either……though if that guy with the cell phone is taking our picture and not just holding it up awkwardly? I’d say we’ll be on the internet in the next 20 minutes.” 
“I don’t care either…..” I said seriously, pressing my lips against his softly before unfortunately having to slide back into my seat, grabbing his hand. "I just want to be with you."
He grinned at me. “See the headlines were going to be “Playboy Gavin Coopers is at it again” but if you keep saying mushy stuff like that I'm going to lose my bad boy rep," He teased, but I shrugged, not really thinking of him as that playboy that I used to consider him as anymore. He had never been that way with me... except maybe the first time we'd met.
“You’re not really all that much of a bad boy. You’re kind of a softie.” 
He raised a brow, looking back at me as I bit my lip and tried not to grin. “A softie huh?” 
I nodded. “Well…not so much when I'm grinding against your lap…..but yeah," I said, biting my lip for a very different reason this time.
“We should have just stayed at your hotel room….” He trailed off and I couldn't agree more.
“I agree," I said seriously. “Too late now though….” 
“You’ll just have to enjoy the delicious food. Such a disappointment," He told me, teasing me once again as I grinned widely.
"There could be worse things... and worse company," I said, fully accepting that I was being so cheesy. It was just- I was so happy with Gav, happier than I had been in awhile, and I couldn't help but revel in that.
He smiled at me before someone cleared their throat, drawing both of our attention's to the waitress standing above us... who was totally star-struck and oggling my boyfriend. "Are you Gavin Coopers?" She asked, and I'd probably have thought she was a fan if it wasn't for her uniform. Didn't they teach the waiters how to be professional?
He turned his smile towards the young waiter. "I am. Are you our waitress?"
At that she seemed to get a little flustered, a blush creeping up her cheeks as she stuttered her way through explaining the wine list and then taking our order. It would have been cute if it wasn't for the fact that it was because of my boyfriend. She walked away, not before gushing at Gavin a little more, and I turned towards him. "Is this what it's going to be like being your girlfriend?"
"I don't know what you're talking about."
"I'm talking about the fact that our waitress was pretty much falling onto your lap and completely ignored me," I pointed out which I'm sure he had to have realized. He was a guy and she was attractive... and extremely blatant.
He laughed. "That's no fair though because since we've gotten here at least four guys have checked you out. Also, the jealous look on your face right now is really sexy so I kind of can't even blame the guys for checking you out."
I tried to keep a serious face as I protested, "I'm not jealous!" 
"No?" He asked, raising a brow.
I shook my head. "No, because I'm the one who gets to you tonight," I said with a smirk on my face, but I was dead serious.
"Oh do you?" He smirked.
I nodded, taking a sip of my drink. "Mmhm." I bit down on my lip.
“I don’t know Cara……this is a first date. What kind of guy do you think I am?” He smirked and I rolled my eyes, knowing exactly what kind of guy he was and it definitely wasn't the kind that waited three dates to have sex. But his eyes widened further. "I'm serious! I'm pretty positive there's a three date rule for that kind of thing...."
I smirked, crossing my legs and causing my skirt to ride up. "Three dates huh?" I asked, my voice soft as I ran my foot against his pant leg as I watched his eyes admire my bare legs.
“That’s what I hear…..” 
I licked my lips slowly as his eyes came back to my face. "Well then I guess I'll just have to seduce you," I said simply as the waiter brought our food to the table, eyeing up Gavin once again. B.tch.
"How would you do that?" He asked, my eyes still on the waitress until she was completely out of site. 
"Not by taking off my bra that's for sure," I said, still thinking about the girl who seemed to be doing everything she could to get his attention.
He raised his brow. “I think the taking your bra off thing would probably work actually…..” 
I smirked, looking back to him. “You honestly didn’t notice our waitresses boobs were practically on display just then?” 
He blinked, seeming genuine when he spoke, "I don't think I was looking at her." The fact that he seemed to only have eyes for me? It was incredibly sexy.
I let out a breath, honestly not even caring about the waitress anymore, I just wanted to be with Gavin. Alone. Sans-clothes. "Take me home."
"Are you okay?" He asked, his eyes wide with concern. "Is the food okay?"
“It’s fuc.king delicious but all I can think about is getting you undressed so I can lick you all over," I told him, completely serious.
He stared at me for a second before raising his hand. "Check!" 
I smirked at him as the waitress came over. "Is everything okay?"
Gav nodded, his eyes staying locked on mine. "Fine...we just have somewhere we need to be. Can we just get the check please?" 
"Sure," She said, her brows furrowed in confusion. "Would you like your food wrapped up or-" 
"Just the check," I cut her off with a smile. God, I wanted Gavin so bad... why did I make us wait so long again?
She walked off to quickly get us the check and I grinned at Gav. "What happened to the three date rule?" 
"I realized how stupid it was," He told me, pulling cash from his wallet and setting it in the check that the waiter silently set down. "Let's go." 
I laughed at his sudden eagerness as we got up and he took my hand, starting towards the exit. I certainly didn't mind though. My mind raced with the million things I wanted to do to him just as my phone started ringing in my bag. Sh.t. "Hello?" I picked up. 
"Carolyn? Honey, there's been an accident..." My moms voice wavered on the other side of the phone. It almost sounded like she was crying. 
"What?" I questioned, confused. What did she mean an accident? 
"Is everything okay?" Gav asked me but I didn't answer, straining to hear my mother's voice on the other end. 
"Sofia's been in a car accident and we're at the hospital now. It's bad Cara..." She let out a sob as my hand flew up to my mouth and my mind raced. 
"Mom, I'm going to come there, okay? I'll try to book a flight as soon as possible and then I'll call you. Let me know if there's any update," I said, not even thinking. I just knew I had to be there. It didn't matter that me and my sister were still kind of fighting. None of that mattered. I hung up the phone, immediately starting to dial my assistant's number so she could book me a flight. "Cara... what's going on??" Gav questioned beside me. Honestly, I had completely forgotten where we were. 
"My sister was in a car accident and she's in the hospital. I have to go to Miami. Now," I said seriously. Sure, tonight had been amazing, but my family always came first. 
"Cara, just breathe for a second...maybe you don't need to go all the way there. She might be okay. You might just want to wait," He spoke calmly, setting his hand against my arm and making me realize I was shaking. 
"I have to go. This is my sister Gav and she's in the hospital," I told him. I had to go to Miami, there was no other choice.
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