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Wednesday, June 8
Song: You Need Me, I Don't Need You // Ed Sheeran
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+Wednesday: Pack up your sleeping bags! Bridgette is having a movie night in the Fab 3’s loft apartment for all of you ladies. It’s going to be all Disney movies so we can all feel like kids again. This is your chance to make a good impression on the Steel Cats.

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I hurried around my room to quickly grab my books for the day. Wednesdays would be the death of me, it really was just my luck that this would be the day that all of my clubs met, as well as the day of my hardest classes. Just grand.

As I was about to leave, Laurie finally arrived. I paused as I was throwing my hair up, letting it fall back down and sitting myself on my bed, a smirk on my face. 

"I thought you had already left as usual, but I guess I was wrong. You just never came home. You naughty little..." 

I trailed off, smiling instead as I put my hair into a bun on the top of my head. Laurie sent me a wink and I laughed, waving to her over my shoulder as I walked out of our room. 

My day was finally over, and I thought one of the best ways to finish it was with Disney movies. Bridgette didn't seem to thrilled to see me, but I shrugged it off, just excited to spend a few hours numbing my brain with movies. I really hoped that they showed Anastasia, it had always been my favorite, over any other Disney princess. I considered Anastasia to be a princess, I didn't care what anyone else said. And, that movie has the best soundtrack, better than all the other movies hands down.

I didn't bring a sleeping bag like most of the other girls, I don;t think I had ever owned on in my life. Instead, I just took the comforter off my bed, it was much easier anyway. I settled myself next to Ariana, smiling every time I just thought of the events from the campfire. 

Bridgette came back in with a not so pleased look on her face, and behind her I could see Laurie coming in, not quite dressed to be sleeping.

She came over towards where I was with Ariana and a few other girls. 

"Where's your stuff?" A girl whose name I still wasn't sure of asked her.

"I sleep in my underwear." Ariana laughed, throwing her arm across Laurie's shoulder making a sexual comment.

Ulane came over as well. 

"Laurie, where are you going to sleep?"

Laurie came over towards me, wrapping me into a hug. 

"With my roomie of course, she won't mind."

She sent me a cheeky grin as I pulled myself out of her arms and flipped her off, but I laughed anyway, agreeing to share my comforter with her.

We all eventually settled down to start the movies. the first one picked was Aladdin. the cycle continued, girls only getting up for more snacks, running to the bathroom as so not to miss anything, and Bridgette getting up to switch the movies. The fourth movie was playing and I felt my head starting to pound, as it did when I spent too much time watching a screen. 

Suddenly there was pounding on the door, and muffled yells could be heard from the room we were in. Bridgette got up with a confused look on her face, and girls began looking around to see if there had been anyone missing. I let out a yawn, all these movies making me tired. I was stretching my arms above me as Bridgette came back in, a scowl on her face. I looked at her confused as she shot me a glare before settling herself back down, crossing her arms as we waited to see who it had been.

They all suddenly crowded in, being loud and obnoxious for what seemed like no reason. 

"Poppy, where are you?" My head snapped up as I recognized that voice. I saw Jacob there with his band mates, he was looking around the room, stopping when his eyes met mine. 

There was a silence that passed over the room, as girls had turned to stare and Jacob, and now me. I could feel my face flush as I stood, grabbing Jacob by the front of his shirt and dragging him behind me until we were outside. I heard his friends whistle and give yells of approval before I shut the door. Bridgette could deal with them however she wanted. 

I finally stopped and let go of Jacob's shirt, turning around to face him. That smirk was on his face as always, and he was smoothing down his shirt where I had grabbed it.

"If you wanted me so bad doll face, all you had to do was tell me." 

I ignored his comment, sending him a glare instead.

"Why are you here Jacob. This is a girl sleepover, and unless you happen to be a girl, you aren't invited."

He didn't bother to answer my question, walking over to a wall so he could lean against it. He casually lit a cigarette, blowing the smoke above him in near perfect circles. He finally brought his gaze back to me after he watched the wispy disks disappear.

"Don't try and deny it doll face. We all know you want to fu.ck me." 

I narrowed my eyes at him.

"Jacob, why the he.ll are you here." 

He looked up at me for a second, before sticking his cigarette back in his mouth.

"The guys told me something today and I didn't like it. So I decided to just ask you."

"And what is it exactly that the guys told you?" I snapped back at him, my tone sharp as I crossed my arms across my chest. 

"They said you were whor.ing up next to some guy at the campfire last night." 

My mouth gaped open as I tried to just comprehend what he said.

"So you came here, calling me a who.re, because I was with a guy last night." 

He nodded lazily, blowing out smoke in front of him before turning his head to look at me.

"What else does it look like I'm doing doll face?"

"Why do you even care?"

His head snapped towards me more quickly now. 

"I care because I don't like hearing stories of my girl being a sl.ut with another guy." 

I threw my hands in the air, frustrated. 

"Your girl? Are you talking about me? Because I don't remember me ever being 'your girl' or anything close to that. If I remember correctly, all you do is annoy me." 

He threw down his cigarette now, stomping on it angrily. He stood from against the wall, putting his hands on my arms and moving me so my back was pressed against the wall. 

He leaned forward, his hands on either side of me. He trailed his lips from my collarbone to my ear, his teeth grazing it lightly.

"Hm, you're right doll face. Let's just forget all about this." 

I stood there not moving, unable to keep up with him and how fast the mood had switched. He leaned his face dangerously closer to mine, our noses just barely touching. 

"Why don't we just go back to my place and 'settle' this there."

 His voice was low, and as he said this, he brought his lips down on mine. As soon as they touched I snapped out of my daze, finally understanding what was happening. 

I reached my arms up, placing my hands on his chest and shoving him away with all my strength. His eyes hardened as he met my gaze.

"What the he.ll was that Poppy?"

I scoffed. 

"Me? What the he.ll are you doing Jacob? One second you're biting my head off for being with a guy and the next you want me to leave with you. I don't know if you've noticed, but I'm kind of busy right now."

He shook his head, his jaw clenched tight. 

"Your lose doll face." 

He went back inside, the door closing hard behind him. I ran my hands through my hair, taking a deep breath to try and calm myself. I heard the door open again and I looked up, seeing Jacob's band mates come out. There behind them was Jacob, his arm against some sophomore that had been at the sleepover. She was leaning into his side, giggling as he ducked his head down to whisper something in her ear. They passed as if they hadn't noticed me, and I saw Jacob's hand dangerously low on the girl's back as he guided her to his car. 

I closed my eyes, as if willing myself to forget everything that I just saw. I took a deep breath to prepare myself before opening my eyes again.

I came back inside to the sleepover, the girls having already forgotten what had happened and put another Disney movie in to watch. I sat down away from the girls, so frustrated at Jacob and his stupid ways. I bit on my lip, thinking over what I had basically just yelled at Jacob. I was so confused with everything that was happening, and on top of having to deal with him, there was Birdie who kept sending me glares and Bridgette who did not look too pleased about Jacob and his little band crashing the girls night.
"Hey, you alright?"
I shook my thoughts out of my head, seeing Val crouched near me, a concerned look on her face.
I sighed, shaking my head as I looked back down and played with a loose string on the edge of my shirt.
"No, it's just. I don't know what the he.ll is going on with Jacob."
She nodded, looking around in thought before setting down next to me. I moved over so she could share some of the blanket with me, and we settled together, staring at the movie, but not really watching it with the rest of the girls.
I continued with what I had been saying.
"I just..." I trailed off, not sure of how to word what I wanted to say. " I'm just not good with guys. I guess I don't really have much experience in dealing with guys like Jacob, and I just want to know what I should be doing right now."
I let out another sigh, running my hands through my hair to calm myself. Wren sent me a small smile.
"I feel like I have too much experience right now."
I looked at her with a questioning gaze.
"I'm having problems with three guys."
I couldn't help but keep the shocked look from crossing my face. I smiled, bumping my shoulder against hers playfully.
"Am I sensing a hot foursome in your future?'
Val rolled her eyes and I couldn't help but let out a laugh.
"Poppy, seriously though, do you need any help?"
I frowned, not really wanting to address the issue. I just wanted to forget about Jacob and what had happened that night, but I knew that I should face it. I was also too stubborn, I didn't really want to admit that I need help and advice from someone. I prefer to do everything by myself, and not have to depend on others, but with Jacob, I had no fu.cking clue.
I sighed again before turning to face Val.
"Yeah, I do."
She smiled and nodded, about to respond but paused for a second, glancing around the room. I took her hint as I realized that if I was going to have this conversation, a more suitable location would be needed. We got up quietly and snuck outside, back to where Jacob had dragged me too after he had crashed the sleepover with his band mates.
Val looked at me with a serious look on her face.
"Poppy," She said quietly, and I looked up to meet her gaze, "you're going to have to tell me everything."
I bit back a frustrated groan that threatened to escape. I wasn't one to share my feelings, or anything at all, with other people. I just never felt comfortable telling people about myself and what was happening in my life, it was my life, not anyone else.
I let out a breath of air before beginning.
"Jacob, he, well," I didn't know how to really start it off. "I don't understand what there is between us, if there even is anything there at all. He just seems to flirt all the time, but I know that he does it with other girls too. I was okay with all of that, I dan't give a sh.it."
I paused to take a breath, rethinking about what Jacob had come to say tonight.
"But then he comes here all weird about how one of his band mates saw me cuddling with Gavin, but that was just me helping Ariana with her plan."
Val let out a small chuckle as she thought about the previous night's events. I couldn't help but let a small smile play on my lips as well. We killed that plan, it was epic.
"Then he tried to kiss me and get me to leave with him, but I...I don't even know if I like him. He's always teasing me and I always just end up being confused by whatever he does, it never makes any sense. And after that, he just left, taking some random sophomore or something with him, probably his little play toy for the night."
I finally got everything out. I kept looking down in my lap, playing with my fingers nervously as an excuse to not look up. I took a deep breath before I finally raised my eyes to meet Val's. She sat there quietly for a bit, processing what I had just told her.
She opened her mouth as if to speak, and then closed it again, her brows furrowing in thought. She finally looked back towards me.

"Well, I think you need to confront him, set everything straight." She locked eyes with mine as I sat there, hopeful that she would have something to help me. 

I mean, as you said, one minute he's flirting with you being his jerk-self and then he gets jealous. You need to tell him that you want to know one person, not two. You have to tell him that he needs to stop acting like a child, and grow up. He obviously likes you, but he's going about it the wrong way. He needs to stop all this flirting with others, and prove to you that he's worthy. You have to make him work for it, Poppy."

She bit her lip as she waited for me to process everything that she had just said. I looked down at my hands yet again, breaking eye contact.

I knew that this was what I needed to do, but I almost didn't want to do it. Although it helped that I heard it from someone else, there was that part of me that wanted to reject everything that Val had told me and go against it just because she had given me advice. I was so used to being independent, that I was resistant to forms of help, and I was too stubborn to be able to even listen to myself.

I nodded though, agreeing with what she said.

"Thanks Val." I looked up at her, giving her a small smile.

She smiled back, glad that she had been able to help out. She stood up, giving me a hand to help pull myself up. 

"Come on, we don't want to miss anymore movies." 

She linked her arm with mine, and I restrained from pulling away. She was just being nice, and I didn't want to come across as a bi.tch. Besides, it's not as if she knew that I wasn't one for contact, preferring to keep my personal space. 

I settled back down on my blankets next to Laurie, tugging a few back as she seemed to have taken them all when I left. 

She sent me a questioning glance, asking if I was okay. I nodded my head at her, sending her a silent reassurance that I would be fine.

I turned my gaze to the television, needing mindless movies now more than ever before.

† † † † † † 

Collaboration with Кристина;{♥}

Sorry this was so long, but a lot happened. Feel free to use Poppy in any sets and stories.
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EEEEP! I LOVE THE OUTFIT! ohkay poppy. this guy is slightly delusional. but hes also kinda cool like that. and hes in a band. haha i totally think you should do him, and then not call him. ever.
i also think you shouldnt take my advice, cuz i suck at this stuff. =P.

Laurie- throwing popcorn? you were shoving it down my bra!


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Neither have I. What will we do with her ? I kind of liked you and me alone together.
We don't need a third one.
A threesome is only cool with another guy in the middle.

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I know, I've heard. I haven't seen her yet though.
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Dude....We have a new roommate!
Her name is Rose.



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