Madeline Alphonso
Age: 25
From: New York, New York
Style: Classic pieces with quirky, retro twists.
Bio: Madeline was abandoned on the streets of Bronx at the age of 6 by her crack-addict mother. Left to fend for herself she began stealing wallets from well-dressed men and women in Manhattan, simple pick-pocketing with the occasional tennis bracelet or cuff link. She was doing well for herself, until a kindly social worker found her in the abandoned house where she'd been living. Soon, she was sent to an orphanage where she would be fed 3 square meals a day. But she didn't stay there long, a pair of rich socialite philanthropists wandered into the orphanage one day looking for another charity case, and were charmed by Madeline's sweet looks and shy demeanor. Then, just like that, Madeline was transported into a world she had only dreamed about before, and like Cinderella, was transformed into a little princess. But the irony of the socialite world was not loss on little Maddie, and she soon grew bitter, and swore never to forget her roots. When [mysterious benefactor] recruited her, she was only too happy to oblige and put her secret skills to the test. Being one of the first girls to be recruited and quite the evil genius, Madeline believes she's the head b*tch around here and acts like it as well. Always directing and giving attitude, if you were not one of the Bloody Valentines you would have thought she was born INTO society. But the girls tolerate her because Madeline has her moments and always puts the crew first. 
Model: Olivia Palermo
Taken By: [hopefully] HelloBombshell.

top three:
1. Madeline
2. Ava
3. Rosie

[story: coming soon]

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three comments

Wrote 5 years ago
♥ Amazing set!! ♥

Wrote 5 years ago
Yay! This is so pretty! I'm excited for your story :]

Wrote 5 years ago
pm me when your story's up!




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