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Bloggy time! I'm gonna talk about graduation along with some other miscellaneous things :)

1. Well graduation first! For those of you who don't know, I graduated high school yesterday! Wow. It was insane. Graduation was early so we had to get down there even earlier, then get all lined up. My parents left me outside of the room where all the seniors were, I talked to my friends for a little while, made sure my hair looked okay and my cap was straight, then we all had to get in our lines to get ready to go into the auditorium area where the crowd was. I had my NHS cowl on and was looking pretty spiffy ;) Anyway, we all went into the main area, pranced around to the graduation song they play at all graduations, and then got to our seats. Now for the longgggggggg part. First there were vals/sals speeches, then our principal spoke, and then finally to handing out diplomas. Now there are about 500 people in my class. IT TOOK FOREVER! Haha but it was finally worth it. Wow. It was crazy to see so many seniors all in their caps and gowns, and to see all the family and friends in the stands. Afterwards I couldn't find my parents for forever (we couldn't have our phones on the floor) but finally I did and we took lots of pictures. It all went really great, I didn't trip on stage, and I had a lot of fun. It's still hard to believe high school is over though.
2. Oh for my graduation party afterward we had barbeque and cake, and I opened presents. I got a lot a lot of money (I bought myself some Chacos yesterday finally!) and I also got some BEAUTIFUL Kate Spade iPhone cases like the one in this set only in turquoise and white and pink and in white and pink and black. They're so cute :) I also got some cute bags, and some cool cards, and a really pretty diamond necklace. Plus, my parents saved a special gift for last, which I haven't actually received yet. I'll tell you all about it when I get it... But let's just say it will be in a robin's egg blue box... :))
3. After my party my parents and I went to the casino but we weren't lucky at all haha. It was still fun though I played a Breakfast at Tiffany's game which was cool. Overall the day was lovely and very memorable! Wow I'm graduated... it's crazy!!
4. So on other news, let's talk about this set. I've never used Kayture in a set before but she's gorgeous and I think this set turned out really well though. I love the kiwis :)
5. Also, I included lots of Kate Spade stuff because I love her okay she's amazing.
6. I want that dress too. PLEASE SOMEONE BUY IT FOR ME. Belated graduation gift? xD
7. You guys, my song of the week is totally Anna Sun by Walk the Moon. If you haven't heard it, you better go listen to it now.
8. I have to start my summer job in a couple weeks.... wahh. Ahaha I mean it's nice to make some money but my job is so boring sometimes...
9. I do, at least, get to do Vacation Bible School at my church toward the middle of June. I love volunteering for it, the kids are always so adorable and it's really fun to interact with them. 
11. Ah I want to watch some more Lost right now. My brother and I are hooked and we're on the first season still but it's SO GOOD. 
12. I also need to seriously get caught up on TVD... Well I guess I have time now! 
13. Oh I got my LuLu's "Moves Like Jagger" mint jeggings in the mail last week they are so pretty! I can't wait to wear them, hopefully it cools off some random day soon!

I think that's it for now girls! I love you all! Thanks for reading if you did, and if you have my Instagram, I posted some graduation pictures on there.

HAVE A WONDERFUL WEEK EVERYONE!! Good luck on all your finals! <33

xx Taylor
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