Name~{Thyme Iron}
 Details~{With a huge ego and an Extensive... magiacal ability, This man has a foot in each circle. On one hand he was raised in the light witch circle, but on the other he enjoys been bad so much more...} 
Species~{Witch }
 Bio~{Thyme grew up with strong parents, both of which had throw upon (from the moment of birth.)The idea that he was better than everyone else.Telling him that he need to act that way. or the common people would get the nerve to act above him.Eventualy Thyme adjusted and agreed with the idea no longer asking his parents why he couldn't play with neighbour hood children. He knew he was better than and he didn't want to adopt any of there 'common' habits
When he was sent to Crossedhearts he knew that this would be a great oppurtuniy to flew his magic muscles, But stil missed the comfort of his home. He made many friends over the years, but they seemed superfical, which he understood because, who could live up to his greatness.... XD}
 Personality~{Egotisical, Funny, charming,Go getter} 
Likes~{Being right, The dark witchs, Hendrix, girls, and Gwendolyn moore} 
Dislikes~{being stuck in the west wing,Cystal Simon, Being wrong, humans, hunters, being forced to do things, and Gwendolyn moore}
 Soulmate~{Crystal Simon}
 Face claim of soulmate {January Jones}
 Face claim~{Hunter Parrish}
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